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        I have developed a standalone iMessage App, which is currently available in the iMessage App Store.  I do not have an iOS "container" app (in Xcode, I have an iOS "target" and a MessagesExtension "target", though the iOS app is really just a "shell").  More spefiically, the iOS target has no Capabilities listed, and when built on a device, there is no iOS app listed on the Home Screen.


        At this point, I would like to build an iOS app, lets say in addition to my MessagesExtension.  Is there a workflow for doing this in Xcode?  I already have bundle identifiers as com.myname.MyApp and com.myname.MyApp.MessagesExtension, but I can't seem to figure out how to build an iOS app without disturbing the pre-existing MessagesExtension.



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          If you've already deployed your app on the App Store for iMessage, unfortunately you cannot do this migration from a standalone iMessage app to a full iOS app.  You would need to create a new iOS app (i.e. different bundle identifier, and separate iTunes Connect app entry), and then move your extension over to that new app. 


          If you haven't submitted to the store, then you would basically do the same thing of create a new iOS app project, then add an iMessage Extension to it, and bring your code over to that new extension from your existing project.