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        I've been updating a SpriteKit/GameplayKit project for Xcode 8 and the new Scene Editor which allows adding Entity-Component information to a scene. I've been to move my entity code into the scene, but I'm having trouble accessing the entity from the corresponding node. As per Apple's documentation:

        Any SpriteKit node in the scene to which you’ve attached an entity or components automatically has a GKSKNodeComponent object to manage the relationship between the node and the the GKEntity object it represents.


        Adding a GKSKNodeComponent object to an entity automatically updates the entity property of the component’s SpriteKit node (an SKNode object) to point to that entity.

        The new code I have to load the scene is basically as follows:


        guard let newTowerScene = GKScene(fileNamed: "TowerScene"), let rootScene = newTowerScene.rootNode as? SKScene else { return } self.view?.presentScene(rootScene, transition: SKTransition.push(with: .up, duration: 1.75))


        Accessing the GKScene object returns an array of properly loaded entities, but if I try to access an entity with GKEntity.entity from a connected node, it returns nil. The node is connected through accessing GKSKNodeComponent.node from an entity in GKScene.

        How do I get GKSKNodeComponent and GKScene to automatically update SKNode's entityproperty as expected?

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          In case anyone else runs into this problem…

          I noticed that if I added an entity with an associated node to the GKScene after loading, the node's entity property was properly set. For now, I added a loop that run after loading a GKScene:


          for nextEntity in gkScene.entities { gkScene.removeEntity(nextEntity) if let nextNode = nextEntity.component(ofType: GKSKNodeComponent.self)?.node { nextEntity.addComponent(GKSKNodeComponent(node: nextNode)) } gkScene.addEntity(nextEntity) }


          It doesn't seem to work unless the previous GKSKNodeComponent is replaced, either. Hopefully this is just a temporary fix to a bug that will be resolved quickly.