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        HI, i have hard time migrating this function to swift 3, can someone help me


        extension Date {
            func numberOfDaysUntilDateTime(toDateTime: NSDate, calendar:NSCalendar) -> Int {
                var fromDate: NSDate?, toDate: NSDate?
                calendar.rangeOfUnit(.Day, startDate: &fromDate, interval: nil, forDate: self)
                calendar.rangeOfUnit(.Day, startDate: &toDate, interval: nil, forDate: toDateTime)
                let difference = calendar.components(.Day, fromDate: fromDate!, toDate: toDate!, options: [])
                return difference.day
        • Re: Swift 3 Calendar.range - cant migrate funciton
          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,335 points)

          I’m not exactly sure what your current code does but I suspect you want this:

          extension Date {
              func numberOfDays(until then: Date, calendar: Calendar) -> Int { 
                  return calendar.dateComponents([.day], from: self, to: then).day!

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