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        Is there a workaround for value(for component: Calendar.Component) seemingly being broken? Or a dynamic way to call the property version?


        func dateComponentsValueShouldBeNil() { 
            let dateComponents = DateComponents(month: 3) 
            debugPrint("Month", dateComponents.month) // "Month" Optional(3)
            debugPrint("Property", dateComponents.hour) // "Property" nil
            debugPrint("Enumeration", dateComponents.value(for: .hour)) // "Enumeration" Optional(9223372036854775807)
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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,335 points)
          // "Enumeration" Optional(9223372036854775807)

          This value is NSNotFound, which is what you’d get when if you called the Objective-C API.  You should be able to write a wrapper that looks for that value and returns nil instead.

          Also, please make sure you file a bug about this, and post the bug number, just for the record.

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