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        I cannot for the life of me figure out how to localize my iMessage App Extension display name.


        I have created the usual InfoPlist.strings files and they are bundled in my message extension. In them I have localized CFBundleDisplayName and CFBundleName. In the info.plist file of the extension I have set LSHasLocalizedDisplayName to YES.


        HOWEVER, XCode is forcing me to include CFBundleDisplayName in the info.plist file of the extension. This is the name that is always getting picked up instead of the ones specified in the strings files. I haven't been able to find any documention describing how to set the message app display name. Can anyone point me to it? If not has anyone figured out how to get this to work?



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          I was able to do this by doing the following:


          1. Created a new Sticker Pack Application
          2. Creating an InfoPlist.strings file (containing only the CFBundleDisplayName value, saving it into a localized directory (I used es.lproj for my test)
          3. Create a second InfoPlist.strings file, saving it en.lproj
          4. Added that file to my project, being sure to add it to the extension target (initially I had mistakenly added it to the parent iOS app target, which didn't work as expected).
          5. Built/ran on a device that was running in Spanish


          So now I've got a sticker pack with Spanish and English localized Info.plist strings files.  The name of the app in the Messages app drawer is showing up correctly as I switch between languages.


          I would double check that you've got the files in the built .appex correctly where you expect them.