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        Our user use App and receive some error code "Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=49 "Can't assign requested address"",


        I have search our monitor, find one user only appear one time and then could connect to our server again .


        however another user cannot connect for a long time, each time it try connect to server (direct with socket) ,it receive this code (49),  and http request NSURLConnection return -1004 error code .  We have ask this user , he told us he also open WeChat at that time, it seems it also  cannot connect to server.


        We have already search google and cannot find a reason could answer this problem.



        Could someone tells us which situation may cause this problem?



        More Info:

        User open our app when 08:15, then until 8:55, he open app again , and then the app raise these error code for a long time for many times.

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          This is EADDRNOTAVAIL.  You can consult a standard BSD Sockets reference for a list of situations where that can occur, but it’s most commonly seen returned by bind when you pass it a bogus address.

          Can you explain more about the overall networking done by your app?  Does your app include a server component?  Or is it just making client connections?

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