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        The sticker submission page (https://developer.apple.com/app-store/sticker-submissions/) explains that:


        "If you've bundled your sticker pack or your iMessage app with your iOS app, they will share the same product page information. You do not need to provide these details for the App Store for iMessage."


        It seems that just including the extension and icons within the app's build is all that is needed. It just feels weird submitting the app without letting iTunes Connect know in any way whatsoever that there is a sticker pack being included. I wouldn't want the app to be approved and the sticker pack not to be listed on the "App Store for iMessage" or for nobody to know that the app download came with a sticker pack included. If there is anything I am missing about submitting an app with sticker pack extension through iTunes Connect - please let me know! Thanks!!

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          have you figured that out? the whole process is poorly explained by Apple, as usual.

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              I am submitting the app right now, so we shall see...


              I really think it will "just work" but it would be comforting as a developer to even have just a checkbox for "This app includes a sticker pack" somewhere in iTunes Connect.


              I met a lady from the iTunes Connect team at that Apple TV Tech Talk in New York. Talked with her about what might be easier ways to upload screenshots to iTunes Connect. That whole process is *definitely* much improved now! Wish I would have taken one of her cards though...

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              I have a Keyboard Extension App already published on iTunesConnect, now in new release I have added Stickers Extension.


              I have tried to upload on iTunesConnect and test on TestFlight, unable to get Stickers Extension.


              How upload the App on iTunesConnect, so that both Extensions work?

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                I'm very confused about this also and I dont find the right anwser from anywhere.

                What I have experienced on the app store with some other apps, is that if I download the sticker pack from iMessage App Store then the original app/game will be downloaded along with the stickers, or if I download the app/game, then I get the stickers along with the app/game.


                So how to achieve this, I have an existing game live in the appstore. Are these the steps I should take or I have missed something:


                1. Make a sticker back app, as a astandalone app in xcode (with new bundle identifier)
                2. Archieve the app (is there any difference which target is selected)
                3. Submitt the app on the iTunes as a new app (standalone app)
                4. After the review process, just bundle the Sticker App with the Existing App


                And this is all what it takes to get the same result I explained above?