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        I downloaded ROOT program  https://root.cern.ch/downloading-root


        At the end of this page, it says


        Basically it is enough to use a special script distributed with ROOT:

        • For the sh shell family do: . <pathname>/root/bin/thisroot.sh
        • For the csh shell family do: source <pathname>/root/bin/thisroot.csh

        where <pathname> is the location where you unpacked the ROOT distribution.

        Typically add these lines to your .profile or .login files.


        For my mac, .<pathname>/root/bin/thisroot.sh needs to be added to the .profile or .login files


        However, I was not able to find these files.

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          macOS does not create any default UNIX shell startup files (~/.profile, ~/.login, and so on).  If you need them, just create them yourself.

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