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        Hi all -


        First day with WatchOS b2. Wore it while playing golf as I usually do as a round is a large percentage of my daily cals, exercise etc. Also called the police twice. By accident.

        That's going to get really annoying for them and for me, really soon.


        Since i had the watch, I've come to accept that every swing will push the crown in and set off Siri. It's also normal to get home and find half a dozen random screenshots I've taken without knowing. These are all fine and I can deal with it. Having to explain to the emergency services that my watch dialed them while I was trying to hit a 6-iron over a lake is a whole lot less funny though and if it can't be turned off I may as well get rid of the watch now.


        I did have a quick scoot through settings on the watch but didn't immediately see anything obvious. If someone can enlighten me how to disable the emergency services dial function - and Siri for that matter - I'd be extremely grateful, before the police come for real and cart me off for making nuisance calls.