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        Xcode 8 will now allow:

        • Unique development certificates on a per-machine basis
        • Unique public and private keys on a per-machine basis


        The new certificates are also backwards-compatible with older versions of Xcode.




        • This per-machine certificate change only applies to development certificates
        • There will still be only one set of distribution certificates



        Signing in Xcode 8


        New signing infrastructure

        New workflows and user interface in Xcode 8

        Better messaging about what's wrong in the event signing has problems

        Status reporting so that you can see what Xcode 8 did with signing and why.


        More information in video, watch when available.



        Automatic signing


        Xcode handles all the code signing and certificate management overhead.

        When you create a new project, automatic signing is on by default. The main thing you should need to do is sign in with your Apple ID and select your development team.


        Xcode prompts you only when necessary - For example, Xcode will ask you about new devices when attached to your Mac.







        Customized signing



        Xcode leaves your signing settings up to you, similar to how Xcode 7 works today.

        New build settings (did not catch, watch video once available.)

        Reference certificate by name


        More information in video, watch when available.


        Note: Where possible, Apple encourages the use of automatic signing.



        Best Practices



        Use automatic signing whenever possible:


        • Works with individual developers and/or teams
        • Use the capabilities tab in Xcode 8



        If using manual signing:


        • Don't set CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY
        • Use the new general tab user interface in Xcode 8
        • Use the capabilities tab in Xcode 8
        • Whenever possible, migrate to automatic signing


        Xcode 8 has a dedicated workflow for moving from development to production.

        • Uses development signing
        • Will re-sign when needed for distribution


        See complete list of session and lab notes here: