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        Xcode source editor



        • Added active line highlighting
        • Added Swift code literals
        • Added Swift image literals



        Markup language documentation generation


        Rewritten AppleScript dictionary for Xcode



        Xcode will now capture crash logs

        New option in xcodebuild to run pre-built tests



        Code signing provisioning system is rebuilt in Xcode 8


        • New option for automatic code signing - Xcode handles everything with regards to signing the app.
        • Customized code signing - For when the developer wants to control the code signing settings.


        Multiple development certificates option - now a developer can get a new Mac, sign in with their Apple ID and get a developer certificate for that new Mac.





        Apple worked with Cisco to identify trusted devices and applications, then prioritize that network traffic.







        New logging


        • Unified logging
        • Granular logging
        • In-memory tracing
        • Automatic redaction of development logging, for when an application ships.





        File systems



        HFS+ designed and deployed over 30 years ago (1998), time for it to be retired.


        Now introducing Apple File System (APFS) in Sierra.



        64-bit inode structure


        Unify encryption across iOS and macOS - how does this affect CoreStorage?




        Sounds like de-duplication because multiple copies of the same file will have a storage space cost of only one copy of the file.





        Full volume, supports reverting

        Storage can revert back to a desired state.



        APFS coming to all Apple devices "soon".

        Currently non-bootable

        Developer notes available here: https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/content/documentation/FileManagement/Conceptual/APFS_Guide/Introduction/Introduction.html







        Supports right to left languages, including reversing UI elements where that makes sense.


        Apple is publishing a new localization guide.


        iCloud Desktop and Documents - You can have separate iCloud Desktop and local Desktop for the user account on the Mac.


        See complete list of session and lab notes here: