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        Hello everyone


        There seems to be very little online information on this topic. We have encountered problems using

        texture arrays with PVRTC textures on IOS. We have a working code that produces correct results

        when using ETC2 textures or uncompressed textures and which doesn't work correctly with PVRTC

        textures. We are uploading the texture data using glCompressedTexImage3D(GL_TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY,...).

        The weird thing is that we seem to get correct results with PVRTC if we multiply the layer coordinate

        (third texture coordinate) by four when doing the sampling in the shader. Values not multiple of four result

        in a kind of 'layer nearest neighbour filtering' where the four quarters of the quad show two different textures.


        We have been hypothesizing whether PVRTC texture arrays may not work due to the square texture

        constraint on IOS, since an array of square textures is not square. Does anyone know whether PVRTC

        texture arrays are supported or not? Has anyone successfully used them?


        Best regards