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        I've a very strange behavior with one of my developed applications installed from the AppStore when updating from iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.3 beta 3: the application disappears from the home screen.

        I cannot access the application anymore and, if I reinstall it, the persistent storage has been erased.


        When I inspect the device logs just after the update to iOS 9.3 beta 3, I can see the following line with the application which have the problem:

        • containermanagerd[75] <Notice>: 0x1f081000 __83 - [MCMCodeSigningMapping _migrateCachedCodeSigningInfoFromBundleContainersToMapping]_block_invoke: Migrating code signing info for com.my_application_with_the_problem


        With the application which doesn't have the problem, I can see the following logs:

        • containermanagerd[75] <Notice>: 0x1f115000 - [MCMCodeSigningMapping _onQueue_codeSigningInfoForIdentifier:externalRequest:]: Migrating code signing info from bundle container upon request for com.my_application_without_the_problem
        • containermanagerd[75] <Notice>: 0x1f081000 __83 - [MCMCodeSigningMapping _migrateCachedCodeSigningInfoFromBundleContainersToMapping]_block_invoke: Deleting cached code signing info for com.my_application_without_the_problem because we already have it in mapping


        Then I can see that the application without the problem has been migrated; the application with the problem is not listed by the migration process:

            SpringBoard[48] <Warning>: Installed apps did change.

                Added: {(









                Removed: {(


                Modified: {(



        Any idea on what goes wrong with my application?