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        Hey guys


        Has anyone else experience problems where you are unable to restore from iCloud backup with version 9.3 beta 3?


        Does anyone know a solution to this?


        I don't have any backup on iTunes and all information is on the iCloud Backup.


        Will there be a fix on the beta 4 release? If so, when is this due?


        I forgot to add in;


        If 9.3 beta 3 is installed as a fresh - it connects to iCloud and all seems to work fine.

        If you do a restore from a backup, it doesn't allow you to connect.


        Heres the process i've done.


        "Hello" > Slide to setup

        So i slide

        I connect to a wifi succesfully

        Enable location services

        Complete touch ID

        Create passcode

        Restore from iCloud Backup

        I sign in fine

        It shows the T&Cs and I agree

        'it may take a few minutes to set up your Apple ID'

        Choose Backup

        I select the correct one and it displays 'Restore from iCloud'.....


        axiously i wait hoping this time it will work.


        the iPhone reboots and my iMac & MacBook show 'your apple ID is now being used for iMessage and FaceTime on a new iPhone'.


        The iPhone displays 'Update Completed' I click continue

        it again asks for my password to iCloud


        'Veficiation Failed

        This action could not be completed. Try again.'