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        I'm trying to sort out the system/hardward requirements for using Bonjour/NSNetService to connect an iPhone to a Mac.


        Are these combinations possible:


        1. [?] Bluetooth ON, WiFi OFF on Mac and iPhone
        2. [?] Bluetooth OFF, WiFi ON on Mac and iPhone, but both devices are not part of any WiFi network (i.e. no router present)
        3. [✓ Works] Bluetooth OFF, WiFi On, Mac and iPhone part of the same WiFi network


        I got a Bluetooth-only NSNetService up and running between an iPhone and an iPad, but never with a Mac (MacBook Pro mid-2012). Is this a hardware issue or is it not possible to connect an iPhone and a Mac through Bluetooth alone?




        PS: I set includesPeerToPeer = true for the service and browser. My code is based on the WiTap sample code.