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        I am serialising my game state and sending it off with endTurnWithNextParticipants.

        The call returns with no errors.

        And if I reload the app, the game state has indeed updated.  The data is reaching GameCenter and being picked up by the next player.

        So far, so good.


        However I would expect.

        a) an immediate push notication to appear if the game is not running

        b) a player (receivedTurnEventForMatch   to be called if the game is running.

        Neither is happening. 


        I have checked...

        ITC - to make sure the app is marked as GameCenter enabled.

        ITC - checked the bundle name etc.

        Added Push Notification entitlement in XCode (although not sure whether this is required)

        Checked other game center turn apps (Letterpress) with the same IDs to make sure the IDs are valid.


        Any suggestions?