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        Here is a protocol type for some UIViewController,

        protocol  SegueHandlerType {
            var tableView: UITableView! { get }


        so the UITableViewController can conform to the protocal

        extension UITableViewController : SegueHandlerType {

        It's great!

        What if the tableView is a subclass UITableView?


        class MyTableView: UITableView {}
        class MyTableViewController:UIViewController {
              @IBOutlet var tableView: MyTableView!


        extension MyTableViewController:SegueHandlerType {

        will trigger a compiler error.


        So the Optional needs a subclass system.

        Or to say, that the template system needs a subclass system.


        Optional<UITableView> should be the super class of Optional<MyTableView>

        Array<UITableView> should be the super class of Array<MyTableView>