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        My goal: To detect if a user changed devices (restored from backup to another device)


        Some background: Creating UUID and saving it to the keychain was the best solution for this but

        a while back we gave up on iOS keychain completely, mainly because of the dreadful -34018 error.







        Since then we are using NSUserDefaults with in house encryption. My current problem is that a device restore will also restore NSUserDefaults.

        I'm looking for a way to identify if a user changed devices.


        Things to consider:


        Keychain - Like I wrote above, is not usable to us because of the 34018 bug


        FileManager - Saving a key \ identifier to a file with NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey is also problematic for us because the file can be moved to another device using a JailBroken phone.


        Is there any other way to identify that an app that was installed on device A is now running on device B?