• .sync in concurrent queue

    Hi, Why this piece of code works? let queue = DispatchQueue(label: "queue_label", attributes: .concurrent) queue.sync {     queue.sync {         print("wokrs!")  ...
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  • Old icon cached in iOS 10?

    Hi All,     We've got an application that we just recently changed the main application icon on.    In subsequent in-house testing (using an enterprise build), we've noticed that iOS 10.2.1 d...
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    created by XeroxRonD
  • Printer Tray

    Hello, how can I check the number of trays in the connected printer? Can I set a programmatically required tray for printing different paper sizes? 
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  • Why is the Apple documentation on the web more complete than what I have in Xcode

    Here is an example.   In the Xcode Doc when describing what error can be thrown by the JsonDecoder it says "If the data is not valid JSON, this method throws the dataCorrupted error. If a value within the JSON ...
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  • Volume change with MPVolumeView not working in iOS 11.4

    I have a music app and have been using MPVolumeView to change volume of media player in my application. Volume changes happens at runtime when user asked our server to change the volume so the volume value varies base...
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  • OSX Mojave B4- Login screen background issue

    Is anyone else finding that the main login screen in osx is keeping the mojave default no matter how the user accounts background is set? I can't seem to change that no matter what I try.
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  • Can I pls have a Redeem  code for test flight 12Beta pls

    can pls hav a Redeem Code for test Flight on iOS app on 12 Beta pls
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  • SCNlight categoryBitMask is broken in iOS 12 Beta

    Assigning a categoryBitMask to a SCNlight in iOS 12 (beta 3  & 4) has no effect. It works on the simulator but when running on an actual device its broken. The following code is a simple example showing what...
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  • Downgrade from Beta 4 to Beta 3

    Hi! is there any chance I can downgrade from Beta 4 to Beta 3? Thanks in advance. Fed.
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  • Recording ARKit as Video

    Hi, Is there a performant way to record the ARKit view as a video?   - I've tried to use ReplayKit, but the methods are just not getting called. - I've tried the ARSessionDelegate call backs to get a CVPixelBuff...
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  • Mojave DP4 Bluetooth Audio problems

    Just wondering if anyone else is having bluetooth audio problems since installing DP4? My bluetooth headphones (QC35) connect fine and show up as an audio output source but no audio plays (just silent regardless of vo...
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  • In-app purchase for tipping

    Hello,   I know that Apple has allowed to implement in-app purchases for tipping since last year. I read the guidelines but I'm now sure if I interpret them correctly.   For example if you have a photo edi...
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  • Has anyone installed Mojave Beta on a cMP 5,1 with a RX580 card?

    I have a 2010 MacPro5,1 with a Sapphire Pulse RX580 card and installation of Mojave Beta failed. The firmware was not updated from MP51.0084.B00. The boot screen, of course, was blank and before going through the co...
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  • Video option in Camera app disappears when my app launches

    I've found the video option in iPhone Camera is missing while my app is alive.   The video option exactly appears again right after I terminate my app.   At first, I was suspicious about the Camera access ...
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  • DP4 - Graphics issues Dashboard..Normal?

    Can anyone else confim that dashboard is glitchy in DP4?  Im on a 2018 MPpro i9 with Radeon pro 560x   See screen shot.. before i assume i have a graphics issue i want to make sure its just the OS and a bug...
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  • Mojave Compatibility (dropbox, adobe etc)

    I think the community would appreciate any first blush reports on compatibility with existing tools/apps. I'm always hesitant to install until I hear that dropbox is working.
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  • Swift 4: Errors When Loading Web Page Content in iOS app

    The app I'm creating in Xcode 9 needs to load web page content, so I followed the code suggested in https://www.hackingwithswift.com/example-code/strings/how-to-load-a-string-from-a-website-url     ...
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  • Does CoreML use Neural Engine?

    Hi,   I have an Iphone 8 model no mq6h2gh/a  This phone has an A11 bionic chip. I created a toy caffe model with just two convolutional layers. I calculated the computing needs for this net is ~150 millio...
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  • Need to add storefront Canada to my campaign

    Hey, I am successfully running Advanced ad campaign in US, and I would like to extend the same for Canada. But In storefront i see only USA, but there is no option to edit that, its saying in suggestion to edit the s...
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    created by sameen2u
  • Re: I want a TestFlight code for Siri shortcuts beta for iOS 12 beta now

    In my email i want a TestFlight code for Siri shortcuts instantly
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