• Broken [SKPaymentQueue finishTransaction:]

    Recently my MacOS app started to show Apple ID login to continue download, right after In-App purchase is complete. None of my In-App purchases invole content download. I dn't host any content with Apple. I tracked d...
  • Multiplayer invitations get stuck on iOS 13.4

    For a multiplayer game with 2 players, Invitation is sent using GKMatchmakerViewController.   Other side recieves the invitation and launches GKMatchmakerViewController using initWithInvite.   Both sides ...
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  • API Access for Crashes/Screenshots

    With the new iOS 13 Crashes/Screenshots feedback available in App Store Connect, is there a way to access that feedback through the App Store Connect API?   Right now, the tools are extremely limited. It's diff...
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  • Please choose a different app identifier to set up related consent.

    I am trying to set up Sign In With Apple with Firebase and React Native Expo. I am trying to create a new Service ID and configure the Web Authentication Configuration, but it is not showing up like shown below. Can a...
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  • "Use of undeclared type" error for Custom Framework ONLY in xCode 11.4

    I am running into an issue with the newest version of xCode, 11.4 with the core application in Swift.  I have a custom Dynamic Framwork that we have been building for a few years now.  The majority of the co...
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  • New Project Missing Items Expected from Tutorials

    Hey - First off, apologies if I'm failing to meet any standard or conventions with this post - never used forums much and I'm certainly new to apple dev ones!   So, I'm a final year CompSci student and my thesis...
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  • Xcode 11.4: Invalid debug info found, debug info will be stripped

    I have a new warning per every target after upgrading to Xcode 11.4:   Invalid debug info found, debug info will be stripped   This has never been the case for my code base before. Anything I can do to res...
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  • Can't switch between MKMapTypeStandard and MKMapTypeMutedStandard types

    I have a MKMapView in my app, and I want the user to be able to switch the map type, so it can be either MutedStandard, Standard, Satellite or Hybrid. I've hooked up a UISegmentedControl on the Map view controller to ...
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    created by zulfishah
  • How to disable help windows in Xcode

    Hi, guys. How can I disable the popup windows that appear when you keep the mouse over an option in the Attributes Inspector panel?   https://ibb.co/cwWRTFq   I don't remember these windows poping up in pr...
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  • The document “xxx.scn” could not be saved.

    Hi,   Since updating to Xcode 10 .scn files can not be saved. I get the following error "The document “ship.scn” could not be saved. "   Things I've tired: - I have updated to 10.1 beta 2 and ...
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  • NSURLSessionDownloadDelegate methods not called after app resume

    I'm seeing some strange behavior with a background NSURLSession. My app starts a number of download tasks, and everything initially works as expected. There are repeated calls to URLSession:downloadTask:didWriteData:t...
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  • Game Center sends an immediate DISCONNECT after all CONNECTS provided

    I am testing my peer-to-peer game application by starting a 4-player game (3 real iPhones + 1 simulator iPhone) and I am experiencing an issue where Game Center sends a CONNECT for each player in the match, via the "d...
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  • How to I customize the KVC and KVO methods in Swift?

    Normally, you just declare properties in your `NSObject`-derived class as `@objc` and `dynamic`, and Swift automatically makes those properties KVC- and KVO-compliant.  But that can't be done all the time.  ...
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    created by CTMacUser
  • How to handle Game Center updates occurring at the same time?

    I use GameKItHelper as a base to process information sent from Game Center.   I just discovered the "match (didChange state: )" function is immediately being called twice, back to back at the same exact time, to...
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  • No button to verify domain in Sign In with Apple

    I was following documentation to set up Sign In with Apple for my website but I can't find the button to verify my domain and it seems that without domain verification authorization does not work - Sign In With Apple ...
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  • currentEditor

    I have a windowController with a NSTableView and a textfield which I use to search data in my tableView   In the controller, I intercept the keydown event and if it is a character, I want to fill the textfield w...
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  • Sandbox testing Receipt validation without Inapp purchase

    My product does not have any inapp purchases.All i want to check is that if the user has purchased the app from the app store as i cant implement my own licensing scheme. I have seen many examples on receipt validatio...
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  • Launchscreen ignoring my localization

    Hi everyone!   I`m having an odd problem with localization. I localized my app to English and Brazilian Portuguese. They both work fine, except for the launch screen. It ignores completely my localization in Pt...
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  • Adding iOS Achievements to a tvOS App

    Hello there, I would like to have my player progress and achievement data synced between the tvos app and my ios app. The ios app is already released with achievements, and I am just finishing up the tvOS version no...
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    created by splinedrew
  • App Analytics - Crash reported for an unknown App version

    Hello, I'm experiencing a really strange behaviour on the iTunesConnect App Analitics area.   It says that my application has something like 50 daily crashes...actually, when I set the report to be viewed" by...
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