• Multiple Xcode Targets with same SPM dependency

    I have a library added to my project added as a SPM dependeny. My project has multiple targets that the main app is dependent on. However, a target won't compile without linking to the static library. But if mulitple ...
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  • Limit Ad Tracking can prevent all Ads

    We have an App which is using DFPBannerView to displays Ads using the Google Mobile Ads SDK for iOS.   The Ads display fine for most users, however we have some instances where if the users device has the Limit ...
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    created by jadentmx
  • AppleScript problem with Catalina?

    AppleScript 2.7, ScriptEditor 2.11, OS Catalina 10.15 (latest Udqate)   After updating to Catalina I can't run some AppleScripts. Firstly I thought about a bug in my code, therefore I tried some AppleScripts pub...
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  • Signing xml file with a private key

    Hello everyone,   I have an xml file that I have to sign. My way was to turn it into a String, then Data and then sign it with SecKeyCreateSignature using my private key. Signing method should be: RSA SHA256, ht...
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  • How to align slider labels in SwiftUI

    On macOS we can add labels directly to SwiftUI slider. Has someone found a way how we can align two or more sliders in a VStack?   - label text right aligned - all labels should have the same width (given by th...
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  • App Store Promo Code Redeem Error

    I have an application that contains auto-renewable subscription products in app. Everything works fine, I can purchase, upgrade, downgrade and restore purchase but promo code redemption.   I generated promo code...
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  • Persistant Privacy and Automation warnings

    Hello all - I use a ton of apps to process loads of images.  The apps pass commands to finder, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.  Everything worked great prior to upgrading to Mojave.  Now I get constant an...
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  • "Can't end BackgroundTask" error message on iOS 13.0

    I made new project on Xcode 11 beta 7 and just run app on simulator and go back to home screen. Then debugger shows the message below, although I didn't implement codes related background task.   Can't end Back...
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  • App unable to import files in iOS13

    My app has the ability to import GPX route files.  However I am getting reports from users of iOS13 that the app is no longer appearing in the list of available apps when they try to export a GPX file.  ...
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  • Drag and Drop from Music App Issue

    Hi,   I'm having issues with drag and drop from the new music app.  It appears that the app is sometimes sending bad data.   When tracks are dragged from the Music app, sometimes XML will be passed, o...
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    created by TheFifth
  • Your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed at this time

    why when im register, i found this error "Your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed at this time"?
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    created by mathewsedward76
  • HomeKit user's remote permission query

    We are  creating a manufacturer's app.  We want to be able to show the accessories are unavailabe if the user do not have the remote access permission enabled to them.   It seems isAdministrator is av...
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    created by Kopi
  • Is Bonjour Conformance Test a "must" for AirPlay certification?

    We are certifying our device for AirPlay (2) and on the checklist there is a question "Did Bonjour Conformance Test run successfully?" I mean this is a checkbox and we can set it on or off, but I expect some officia...
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    created by ASedelnikov
  • Siri Intent Extension - How to just read result?

    Hi folks,   I'd like to add a Siri Intent Extension to my Objective-C project. Users should be able to pick it in the "Shortcuts" app to trigger it by voice. The extension should only read out a result string to...
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    created by MyMattes
  • NSButton doesn't work anymore

    Hi   I update xcode to version 11.3 and my OS to Mojave (10.14.6) I had a macos app with NSButtons binded to a NSViewController   @IBAction func Tester(_ sender: NSButton) {      ...
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  • Status "Active (Pending User Info)"on itunesconnect

    The status for my Agreements, Tax and Banking on itunesconnect is Active (Pending User Info). What does it mean? Can anyone explain this for me?
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    created by Hoang Yen
  • NEDNSProxyProvider - Don't handle all flows

    Hi,   Is there a way for a NEDNSProxyProvider to not handle a flow, without blocking the request?   It NO / false is returned in -handleNewFlow:, it seems that the request is blocked.   Alternatively...
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    created by Naoned
  • TestFlight alert after quitting the app

    Hi everyone, On my last app, I launch a beta test phase but every time I quit the app, an alert show up telling me that the app crashed and asking me to if I want to share more informations to developpers.   He...
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  • Thread 1: signal SIGABRT

    Hello,   I'm having an issue with my single view app. The build is succeeded but the excution fails. Here is the main code -- ViewController.swift --:   // //  ViewController.swift //  Déc...
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    last modified by Stif
  • Failed to find a com.apple.networkextension.filter-data extension inside of app

    Hello I'm trying to launch this sample from NetworkExtension on Catalina. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/714/   I set app group, changed bundle identifiers and just launching the app shows me...
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    last modified by dmitriyfromnovosibirsk