• ios 12 beta 7 massive boost to battery life iPhone xs

    So since I bought my iPhone xs at launch, it had pretty good battery life but after the first update, it all went downhill. Since then every update just made it worse and now I wanted to try ios 13, since it's almost ...
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    created by Dxmachina
  • Sign in with Apple: Differentiate multiple email addresses associated with Apple ID

    Hey there,   I would like to open a discussion around handing the case of multiple email addresses inside one Apple ID. For example, I have two email addresses in my demo Apple ID + the anonymous one that goes t...
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    created by hansknoechel
  • IOS 13 Beta 6 Will not Pair to Apple Watch 4

    I noticed yesterday that my iphone was no longer connecting to my watch over bluetooth. I tried everything from restarts to force restarts to toggling settings. Nothing seemed to work. This morning I gave up and unpai...
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    last modified by lucasorion12
  • Unable to sign in to Feedback Assistant.

    I just tried to install the latest beta. The feedback assistant does not allow me te login. Are you aware of this bug. I've seen that before in june/juli.  
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    last modified by RichardvH
  • watch os 6 not pairing with IOS 13 beta

    Hi:   While at work yesterday, I realized my watch (4) was not connected to my IphoneXR and consequently, I was not recieving any notifications on my watch.  I updated my iphone to the latest Beta release t...
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    last modified by wonderers
  • How to adjust Splitview size?

    I've got a splitview with 3 columns, and I can adjust the position of one of the columns, but not the other one. I've no idea what I might have done to prevent this. I've tried changing the alignment things and deleti...
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    last modified by benwiggy
  • UIStepper do not respect tint color in iOS 13

    Hi!   Prior to iOS 13 it was possible to change the color of the text (+ and -) of a UIStepper by setting the desired color in the tintColor attribute. Unfortunately in iOS 13 (beta 7) this no longer works and ...
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    last modified by DaleOne
  • CD4CK Syncing after long-term usage concerns

    I'm experimenting with using Core Data for CloudKit as the main store for my app. It's a brilliant bit of technology that can save you a ton of time. It's great that the background syncing just happens. And that's gre...
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    created by alienspaces
  • Product name for IAP is returned in the wrong language

    I have a problem testing my IAP. I only have one product defined in iTunes Connect and I have localized its name in 3 languages: english, french and russian. Now when I get the product list, the value of localizedTitl...
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    last modified by aldra
  • AVAudioSessionErrorCodeCannotStartRecording when recording in the background with iOS 13

    Hello.   I am working on adding support for iOS 13. Previously the app has been able to record audio for transmition while in the background when the user presses an external button, such as one from a wired he...
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    last modified by k.alonso
  • .edgesIgnoringSafeArea not working in tabbed view

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to coding and am playing around with SwiftUI. Specifically I'm trying to follow Apple's tutorial (https://developer.apple.com/tutorials/swiftui/creating-and-combining-views) to get an un...
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    created by VincentBee
  • Could not activate mobile data network

    Hi Folks, iPadOS 13 Beta 5 seems to be unable to activate the cellular network. Anyone else experiencing this? I have logged this through feedback. Have gone through the following steps to try and remediate:   1...
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    last modified by Tetrazocine
  • What will you do with your bricked Apple TV 4K?

    Like many here, tvOS 13 beta 7 bricked my Apple TV 4K and Apple refuses to help.  So I'm wondering what all of you will be doing will your new paper weights.  I'm personally using mine to hold down a broken ...
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    created by hiada
  • Use response_mode = form_post when requesting name or email scope

    If you are requesting name or email scope when invoking the authorization endpoint, include the parameter response_mode=form_post.   Otherwise, you will see the error: "Request missing required parameter or unsu...
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    last modified by sudhakar19
  • Started getting invalid_request when trying to sign in

    Hello,   We're working on adding Apple sign in to our login page, but just today started getting an "invalid_request" with every request. There hasn't been any changes to our service ID, etc. and the same info t...
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    last modified by rballou
  • Don't dismiss keyboard when UITextField returns input

    I have a class called TestViewController which asks user for the english translation of a foreign word. User taps on a UITextField which brings up the keyboard, and user types in their answer. The answer is checked af...
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    last modified by BiggestMarioFan
  • NetworkInfo error won't let me use app on physical device

    I'm having an issue on my Xcode project after upgrading to version 10.3. For some reason I'm getting a bunch of NetworkInfo Signal strength query returned error: ErrorDomain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=13 "Permission deni...
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    created by pictock
  • OpenSSL won't load once app is notarized

    Hello, I'm developing in Delphi FireMonkey, for OSX 64-bit.   Project uses OpenSSL for a file upload.   Project works fine, prior to being notarized.  Once it is notarized, I get an error "could not ...
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    last modified by h3305
  • Very low disk performance on certain write patterns.

    We are observing an issue where certain file write patterns perform inexplicably slow, in the range of 100ms instead of the in the low hundreds of microseconds. We are running on macOS 10.14.6 using unencrypted APFS v...
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    last modified by gdochev
  • Can't delete APFS local snapshots

    While testing Catalina, I noticed that some local snapshots now have suffix ".local" like this:   com.apple.TimeMachine.2019-08-21-204446.local   And I don't seem to be able to delete it with:   tmut...
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    last modified by Sheldon15