• CISCO - STEM Organization?

    hi,  I am a student of the cyber security academy of CISCO, I wanted to know if the certificate of participation is valid in order to participate in the sholarschip. Thank you
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    created by AndreaDF
  • XCode reconnect network device

    Hello,   I have tried the "connect via network" function in XCode and it works great. But when the iPhone lost the wireless cconnection XCode did not find it again automatically To get it connected again I hav...
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    created by truthz03
  • App rejected on 4.2 Design: Minimum Functionality

    My app has been rejected (several times now) on ground of 4.2. Design: Minimun Functionality. I'm not getting any useful comments on what they're expecting to see changed to get it approved. This is what they say: ...
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  • "Cannot ready property 'container' of null" when using musicKit

    The only information I've been able to find so far is in another thread here: https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/329776#329776   I'm writing an angular app that utilizes musicKit.js. Running locally (th...
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    last modified by wcc17
  • How to hide UISearchController from navigation item?

    In iOS 11.0+ I use the following statements to add a UISearchController to the navigation bar:   [[self navigationItem] setSearchController:[self myUISearchController]]; [[self navigationItem] setHidesSearchBarW...
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    last modified by Hardy
  • WKWebview loadHTMLString not load local resources (eg. images, css, js)

    Hello.   In my app i am trying migrate from UIWebView to WKWebView.   I have downloaded html file in App support dir. This file is fully enrypted, thus i have to use loadHTMLString method for loading it in...
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    last modified by michal.blazek
  • Media Playback State 2 VS 3

    In which cases does a FPS client send state 2 (0xa5d6739e) vs. state 3 (0x4f834330)  in the media playback state TLLV? Does state 2 happen when a lease expires (for management of simultaneous streams)? If so, whe...
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    last modified by gerik
  • Late Payment for December 2018

    Does anyone face the same issue where December 2018 payment shown as "Paid on January 30th, 2019", but today is February 19th it does not transfer to my bank account just yet? I live outside the US, but all previous ...
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    created by imsay
  • How to test WKWebview

    Now I'm writing the unit tests. There is a problem to test the WKWebView. Do you know how to execute the navigationDelegate methods. I have tried like this, but it crashed. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance....
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    last modified by leaf1
  • Subclassing a NSSearchField

    Hello,   I'd like to add a dropdown to a NSSearchField with different filters, like the search field in iTunes.   I'm new to Cocoa but I was a Flash / Flex develop which has many similarities with the subc...
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    created by ComboDrums
  • Trying to clear trusted self-signed URLCredential's from WKWebView

    Hi,   One of the features of a browsing component am working on is to allow users to visit a potentially dangerous site (with a self-signed certificate for example) after being shown a warning explaining the dan...
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  • Messages not sending

    10.14.4 (18E194d) - messages are not getting sent via iMessage - SMS messages seem to be fine. Anyone else see this?
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    created by ChrisSW
  • Testing Promoted In-App Purchases on tvOS

    In my iOS app, I successfully process promoted in-app purchases. During development, I could test the flow by navigating to an itms-services URL, in accordance with this guide: https://developer.apple.com/documentatio...
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    created by rberggreen
  • configure session to wait for connectivity

    I was asked something about this but unfortunaitly I did not achieve any thing with answers. I want to configure session to wait for connectivity, If I turn wifi off,  the function when waiting is implemented.. ...
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    last modified by BurierA
  • nil Progress.estimatedTimeRemaining ?

    There is no documentation for Progress.estimatedTimeRemaining.  I want to get an estimated time to completion from my Progress object, but in my experiments on macOS, it's always nil.  What do I need to do t...
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    created by benspratling4
  • Target Display Mode not working 10.14.4 bèta (18E194d)

    Since last night invoking TDM causes my Macbook Pro to freeze. IMac stays black. Reverting to beta 3 on the iMac (MBP on beta 4)   Anyone else experiencing this?
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    created by peterharte
  • The kCFStreamNetworkServiceTypeBackground for CFReadStream doesn't work.

    I want to use the CFReadStream to implement downloading in background, via setting the kCFStreamNetworkServiceTypeBackground. CFReadStreamSetProperty(readStream, kCFStreamNetworkServiceType, kCFStreamNetworkServiceTyp...
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    last modified by iOSerKi
  • MTLDepthStencilState is getting deleted.

    Hello,   Im am currently creating a metal renderer for our games. I keep getting a crash that happens a few random seconds after the game has been running.   The exception occurs in [MTLRenderCommandEncod...
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    last modified by DanDanger
  • Enable hotspot using Swift

    Hi, I am lookig for a way to activate Hotspot from my app without existing to the netowrk settings screen.   My goal is to have a minimum user interaction (defining hotspot name, hotspot password, ect..). All I...
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    last modified by asafB
  • Opening custom B2B page for update

    I have publish on AppStore an app with custom B2B VPP mode. When pusblishing a new version, I need to prompt our users to propose redirecting to the AppStore page of the app and update.   How to redirect user w...
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    last modified by PaulfromFrance