• Struggling for Adding Custom Transition b/w Video Clips

    How to add custom transition on video: Hello I am trying to add transition b/w video clip using AVMutableVideoCompositionLayerInstruction i am able to add only simple transition and not able to add any complex transit...
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  • How to open multiple windows one by one using a loop in OSX?

    I can open multiple windows using a loop. Now I want to open these windows one by one. That means when I close one window the next window will be opened, I mean till the close of the first window next window should no...
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  • domain verification failed

    hello, i want to ask. I tried to verified my organization domain, and already upload the file under mydomain.xxx/.well-known/apple-developer-domain-association.txt . And when i verify my domain i got error with messag...
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    created by dikoraditya
  • App Review - 4.2 guideline

    I created the App for our small craft beer bar and for more than a week I have been trying to upload it in AppStore. But every time I get the same rejection without any additional comments: "Guideline 4.2 - Design - M...
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  • Reuse App Name after removing old app

    Hello,   We had an app for internal use in the App Store. At one point, as it was oriented only for the employees of the company, Apple refused to let us update the app further and instead told us to create a Cu...
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  • How to make a drop target in SwiftUI on iOS

    I am writing an app based around DoubleColumnNavigationViewStyle (eg. SplitView).   I would like to drag entities from the MasterList onto entities in the Detail View to form coredata relationships between them....
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  • Problem Upload Unity-App in Enterprise

    We have been experiencing some problems with the development of in-house applications this month. Applications that were created with XCode only, we can load and distribute on our MDM (using Zuludesk and others). Appl...
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    created by TheBelg
  • Draw WKWebView into OpenGL Texture

    I'm trying to figure out how to display a Web Browser inside my iOS VR app (Obj-c, SceneKit and raw OpenGL), and the part i'm not fully understanding is how to get the WKWebView to draw it's content into a Pixel Buffe...
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    created by SlashAndBurn
  • FirstTimeDebugging

    I am learning basic coding with the book, "App Development in Swift" from the book apps from apple and I can't seem to figure out what they are talking about when asking to open XCode and open the project FirstTimeDeb...
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    created by Masiyah
  • Certificate Creation

    Hi,   First off, please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question.    I'm in the process of trying to submit our first application. To create the certificate signing request file, I ...
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  • Multi Platform (IOS, Web, Android) Subscriptions

    I am building a multi-platform application on android and IOS, my app was rejected because I did not implement apples in-app purchase. My issue is that users that Purchase from an Android device should still have an a...
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  • Apple Pencil 2 disconnects immediately

    I encounter the problem that when I connect my Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro 12.9" 2018, it disconnects immediately after removing it from the dock on the iPad. Does anybody else have this kind of problem? Thanks!
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  • swiftUI:how to resolve "Cannot use instance member 'store' within property initializer; property initializers run before 'self' is available"

    I wat to show data from db in picker. i made it work if I use "data",now I want to change "data" to "data1", then i get the error:"Cannot use instance member 'store' within property initializer; property initializers...
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  • Is there a way for smart keyboard to work at the same time as Assistive touch mouse support?

    As soon as Assistive Touch is enabled, the Apple Smart Keyboard seems to go out to lunch.  I am curious if anyone has seen this same behavior?  I have tested with External Bluetooth keyboards as well.  ...
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  • What is a responsible time to connect to a Game Center match?

    Based on the game options within my game, which are selected by the player, there can be multiple types of matches the player could join which have the required "number of players" but also share the same "player grou...
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  • A question about "self"

    I have an IBOutlet in my .h file   @property (nonatomic, strong) IBOutlet UIImageView      *myImage;   What is the difference between these assignments?   playerLayer.frame =...
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  • Xcode 11.3 create huge amount of swift processes

    Hi all,   I have a problem with Xcode 11.3 compile performance, for some reason very often it creates huge amount of swift processes (around 100!!!), my macbook pro (15-inch, 2019, Core i9 2.3, Catalina 10.15.2)...
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  • Are all iOS APIs in swift... also available in obj c

    I am returning to app development after 4 years and I want to know if all iOS apis that are in swift also available in obj c or has apple gone swift specific now? I came across an Api that doesn’t load the obj c...
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  • Different behavior UIImageView iPhone vs iPad

    I have a piece of code that works on the iPhone. I load a UIImageView, make it invisible with an alpah = 0, and then play a video over it using AVPlayerLayer. When the video is done I remove the playerLayer (in a Noti...
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  • Notarization for mail plugin

    Mail.app doesn't load any code-signed plugin as from macOS 10.14. But notarization needs to be code-signed. How should I do for the mail plugin for Mail.app?
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    last modified by dostak