• A 'Hello World' for iOS Network Extension content filters?

    I've just started looking at Network Extensions for iOS.  Specifically, content filters.  Is there any current example code for how to constuct a *very* basic Network Extension content filter?  Somethin...
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    created by moxievod
  • My Debug Area logs suddenly stopped showing.

    Hello :   I am buliding an app on Mac Os Catalina with Xcode 11 and Swift 5.1. The debug logs have been very useful in helping me identify changes I needed to make to move forward step by step, and to solve prob...
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    created by wlionel
  • Documentation on core data derived attributes

    Hi,   after having watched session 230 from this years WWDC (at around 19:00) I wanted to play with the mentioned derived attributes. Sadly I can't find any documentation anywhere, besides the overview from the ...
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    last modified by mr_fat
  • "Failed to attach to target: Failed to attach to target process" when using Leak or Allocations instruments

    Hi all,   I have developed a plugin for Adobe apps, but it seems the host app is allocating huge chunks of memory and I need to track down where this is occuring. I have used instruments to profile many other th...
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    created by NeilDGD
  • SwiftUI List performane

    I have a performance issue with List when I have a large amount of data that is replaced. Given the code below, a data set of about 3500 name items are loaded from a fetch request. Depending of the selected gender in ...
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    last modified by sverin
  • iOS: Cloudkit link is not working in iOS13

    I am using Collaborate in my CloudKit implementation on iOS. When I share data with another user, the other user is able to click on the link in email and open it directly via Apple Mail app, but if the user tries to ...
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    last modified by rishabh0206
  • When using Catalyst for the Mac, is there a function that is called when a user changes the window size?

    Just curious if there is a function to be notified when a user changes the size of the window in using Xcode 11 and the checkbox to run an iPad app on the Mac. Thanks!
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    last modified by RanLearns
  • Catalina killed my Mac mini?

    Downloaded Catalina on my new 2018 Mac mini. Started the install, it went to and stayed on a black screen with white Apple logo and progress bar. The bar expanded until it was full all the way across. The mini sat at ...
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    last modified by hryanl
  • Clarification on 4.6.2 Templates

    Hey everyone   I work for a web development company that is looking to begin offering mobile apps to clients. The way that our business is structured, we currently pick a market and learn about it then begin off...
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    last modified by twestcc
  • Delete the Macintosh HD - Data partition?

    Downgrading from Catalina to Mojave i'm not able to delete the emptied Macintosh HD - Data partition. Any help please?
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    last modified by mbedini
  • Suggestion: Turn off Wifi in Simulator

    Every now and then I and other developers need to test reachability on our apps and with that we throw custom errors when a internet connection use case is met. I feel like we should be able to through the simulator t...
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    last modified by Marlon Henry
  • Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter Mac OS Catalyst

    Getting the error at Linking phase of Running for using valid library class UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter: Showing Recent Messages Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter   Validated all build ...
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    created by DS ED Dev
  • Visa test card is "Not accepted by this website"

    I'm trying to test payments with different card types on the website.   I've added test cards from https://developer.apple.com/support/apple-pay-sandbox/ to my tester account.   In my payment request I a...
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    last modified by pavel_kv
  • Where is the updated documentation for LaunchD and Catalina?

    I have an existing daemon and I need to figure out how to get full disk access.  We currently use launchD with the KeepAlive and RunAtLoad keys.  From the readme, KeepAlive is on the no-no list.   I'm ...
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    created by khoyt
  • Lightning-based MFI accessory immediately disconnects

    On iOS 13 GM Seed and iPadOS beta 8, a lightning-based MFI accessory that our app has integrated with for many years is not functioning properly. It connects but then immediately disconnects.   We are in contact...
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    last modified by ifdev
  • Converting NSImage to Texture

    We have some code that draws text to an NSImage, and the converts it to a NSBitmapImageRep so we can grab the data and use it as a texture.  This has worked fine for many years and on thousands of customers machi...
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    created by KGraus
  • Usage of one system extension/network extension across multiple applications

    We have the following two use cases. We wanted to know Apple’s recommendation for the same. Use case 1 - We want to have one network extension to filter packets and feed network events to two different apps an...
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    created by Charu
  • Apple CarPlay not working on ios 13.

    Apple CarPlay not working on ios 13.2/iPhone 11 Pro Max. I tried everything but once I connect the phone to the car it only shows me “iPod”. My car has Apple CarPlay and just stopped working when I connect...
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    last modified by Jujuinacio
  • Cannot sign in application loader

    I try to sign in the application loader, and it comes out the error message said "To use this application, you must first sign in to Itunes Connect and sign the relevant contracts", and I did sign for the relevant con...
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    last modified by nclsteve
  • UIUserInterfaceStyle key invalid

    I tried to validate an app in Xcode 10.3, and got an error:   Invalid Info.plist Key. The key 'UIUserInterfaceStyle' in the Payload/AppName.appInfo.plist file is not valid.   No problem yesterday with the ...
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    last modified by yvsong