• iPhone App Not Optimized on iPad

    My app was recently rejected due to an issue with the app not being optimized for iPad screens. The app is intended for iPhone use only, since the number of iPad downloads were not high enough to warrant development o...
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  • How long before I can tell Siri to take a screen shot

    I feel as though there can be a lot more depth to Siri having in app capabilities and able to do other things with the phone such as screen shot. Why should I even have to touch my phone? If I think it than say it Sir...
    created by Rmyers4792
  • NSImage's size being rounded up?

    I'm bringing some fairly small .eps files into my application (1/16"), created as 4.5pt x 4.5pt.  When i try to get the image sizing via NSImage's size(height & width), I'm seeing these values both being roun...
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  • ♪♪♪        ^      ^         Coinmama Number

    ♪♪♪        ^      ^         Coinmama Number♪♪♪        ^    &nb...
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  • CLVisit behaving differently since iOS 11.3

    I have been working with CLVisits, and since the 11.3 update, a lot more Visit events are being generated which have no arrivalDate field. Normally, a first Visit event will be generated just with arrivalDate followed...
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  • verifyReceipt request timed out about once in 10 times

    Hi,   My service call `POST https://buy.itunes.apple.com/verifyReceipt` API about 1000 times every day to verify receipts of Auto-Renewable Subscription. From February 10, the API call timed out about once in 1...
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  • Auth has no member 'auth'

    Hello I have been using a firebase database for my app and it was working fine until recently. When lines that contain Auth.auth() now show an error which states "Type 'Auth' has no member 'auth" if anyone has any ins...
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  • More advanced notifications setup?

    I personally sometimes need to be able to be woken up by my phone if certain people message me. For example, if it is night time my girlfriend can not call me because of her roommate, she will often times text me but ...
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  • {{            {{           myetherwallet phone number

    {{            {{           myetherwallet phone number{{         &nb...
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  • ₫₫₫          (      (      )) Coinmama Phone number

    ₫₫₫          (      (      )) Coinmama Phone number₫₫₫          (  ...
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  • The significant-change location service can't get location when iOS 11 restarted

    I'm creating an application using iOS 'The significant-change location service'. My app is launching the service when my app terminate. And my app could get the position information after iOS restarted until iOS10, ...
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  • restoreCompletedTransactions not working on real device

    I have a nonConsumable subcription item for skpayment.   I tested with sandbox environment for restoreCompletedTransactions. It works perpect and I submitted new version to appstore, approved.   So I gene...
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  • Apple search ads: impossible to sign up because of the captcha

    I can not sign up because I enter the good characters for the sort of captcha but I still get an error from apple and I can not complete the sign up. Thank you for your help
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  • We want to co-relate receipts from the payment object to information received in either the Financial reports OR Sales reports. Is there any way to do it?

    We want to co-relate receipts from the payment object to information received in either the Financial reports OR Sales reports. Is there any way to do it? It seems that the reports are aggregate reports and not transa...
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  •                                 myetherwallet phone number

                                    myetherwallet phone number&nbs...
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  • Is it possible to see if a phone is connected to a bluetooth headset or to another bluetooth device?

    Is it possible for an app to see if a phone is currently connected to a bluetooth device? If so, is it possible to see what the device is? For example, could an app determine if a phone is connected to a bluetooth he...
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  • UIScrollView Right to Left language & scroll direction

    I am working on an app that is localized for Arabic and most of my views switch orientation from Left to right -> Right to Left depending on the locale of the device.   However, I am seeing with UIScrollView ...
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  • Xcode 9.3 daemons diagnosticd and homed high CPU usage when running playground

    Hi, Every time I start Xcode and launch a playground (with only on line of code), it is extremely slow to be executed and 2 new daemons are started: homed (takes ~60% CPU usage) and diagnosticd (takes ~150% CPU usage)...
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  • using content-available:1 in 'non-silent' pushes

    In WWDC 720 ("What's New in Notifications"), the speaker Michele Campeotto talks about how silent notifications (where "content-available:1" is in the payload) are delivered on a "best effort" basis, using a number of...
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  • Scenekit .dae import with animation is missing polygons

    I've created an animation in Maya to export via .dae format into Scenekit.   Several of the objects are invisible when imported to Xcode, however, they are selectable in the scene graph and they retain their bak...
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