• NSTableViewCell add NSOperation example

    Hello, Please excuse, I may not word this correctly.   I'm trying to figure out how to add a NSOperation to a NSOperationQueue from a NSTableViewCell. My NSOperationQueue has a max concurrent limit of 1 making ...
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  • How would I force a long press gesture using UILongPressGestureRecognizer to go to the ended state using code?

    How would I force a long press gesture using UILongPressGestureRecognizer to go to the ended state using code?
    created by ShinehahGnolaum
  • how can I get the original dns information on iOS.

    Hello,      I am developing a Network Extension on iOS, I have a problem. After my VPN started, I want to know whether the original dns changed. I know that the functions in <resolv.h> can g...
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  • NSTaggedPointerString and Helper Class issues

    Hello, I'm running in to a problem. I have a helper calss for NSString and I'm getting an error ...   [NSTaggedPointerString containsString:ignoringCase:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6f15  Si...
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  • XCUITest runs on two physical devices

    Is it possible to run a XCUITest suite on on two diferrent connected devices simultaneously? Not simulators, but the actual devices. Looking to test VoiP features.
    created by aearmstrong
  • ERROR_CGDataProvider_BufferIsNotReadable crash

    Hi there,   Our app is getting crash related to ERROR_CGDataProvider_BufferIsNotReadable and it is only happen on iOS 11. Any idea how to fix this? We have been searching around but could not find anything relat...
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  • After installing 11.2.5(15D60) update, no cell network

    This is on an iPad Pro gen 2 the network widget in the status bar says “Searching” constantly, while under Settings> General> About> Network = Not Available, Cellular Data Number = Unknown and Mod...
    created by dem0n1
  • sandbox family sharing

    How do you set up sandbox accounts for family sharing, in order to test deferred purchases? It seems weird & wrong to have to enter credit card information for a sandbox tester, so I feel like I must be doing som...
    created by greay
  • Location Reminders Inside my App

    Hello everyone!!   To make this simple, I'm trying to create an app that uses your location, compared to a location you set, to then remind you of something. My hopes were that the location variable would be sim...
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  • Xcode 9 GM crashes when opening any storyboard

    I am unable to open any storyboards in Xcode 9 GM because Xcode crashes immediately.  I cleared out the `xcuserdata` directories from the project and the workspace to makes sure it wasn't in a bad state.  He...
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  • Several Subscriptions from the same Apple ID

    We are trying to implement a renewal subscription model were we have our own users and of course the Apple ID. We want to allow the same Apple ID to buy a subscription for several of our users. Is that possible? if it...
    created by carplay
  • App analytics vs Sales and trend (itunes connect)

         The app units under sales and trends for my app are much larger than the app units under app analytics. Why is this?
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  • launchctl fails to load KEXT while starting the Deamon

    Hi Team,   I am working with macosx 10.13 and while trying to start deamon using launchctl start bundleid , the deamon started but the KEXT not loaded. Same command works for 10.9,10.10,10.11 and 10.12.   ...
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  • Would Apple approve of an iPhone X-only app?

    Simple question. I was playing around with AR face tracking and I wondered if Apple would allow an app that is exclusivley for devices with the TrueDepth sensor(as of now, the iPhone X) onto the App Store?   If ...
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  • How to add a Facebook login to a SpriteKit project ?

    I want to integrate a Facebook login button to my SpriteKit game project using Swift 4. I didn‘t found anything on this topic. Could someone help me out with a link to a good tutorial?
    created by salocinx
  • AUParameterSet 2 (1/8): err -10867

    In Xcode 9 and iOS 11, I am getting this weird error now when connecting nodes in my AVAudio Engine.   Specifically when connecting an AVAudioPlayerNode to a an AVAudioMixerNode   engine.connect(sampler, t...
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  • Keyserver on Windows?

    Hello, I'm looking for a FairPlay keyserver that will work on a Windows based OS.   Is there any documentation, guide, or how to that will help compile the Server portion of the Fairplay Keyserver on Windows? ...
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  • While Drawing image size Gets changed (Swift)

      func drawLines(fromPoint:CGPoint, toPoint: CGPoint){              if DrawingActive == true{         UIGraphicsBeginImag...
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  • Best practice(s) for getting new data from server

    So my app has the ability to receive friend requests, which is just a record in my database saying User X sent a request to User Y.   While User Y is logged in and using the app, what's the best way to know when...
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  • Apple Simulator for Xcode9

    The simulator for the latest Xcode9 takes a really long time to load even though it only takes up about 60 megabytes of system memory.  Is there a good reason for this?  Is apple trying to simulate the start...
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