• Can't po objects in Swift UITests (Objective-C++ project)

    Because UI tests run as a separate process from the main app, I'm using UI tests as an opportunity to learn Swift. The project is Objective C++ (there are a handful of .mm files), and the UI tests are a contained in ...
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  • More advanced String interpolation?

    Hi,   I'm new to Swift from an Objective-C background.   I'm confused about string interpolation. All of the examples I've ever seen, as well as all of the instances in existing code that I have read, look...
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  • TLV Fragment formatting

    I've noticed some ambiguity the HAP-Specification-Non-Commercial-Version.pdf regarding the use of TLV fragments.   In section 4.9 Fragments and Reassembly it states that TLVs should be fragmented based on how mu...
    created by phughes
  • Xcode 9: Code folding gone?

    Bug reported: 33538078 I can no longer fold long if / while / for loops etc. Code folding ribbon has dissappeared and the editor does not highlight code regions for if / else statements. It's now impossible to...
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  • XCode 9 fixed width constraints may cause clipping

    I am getting a new warning in XCode 9 that says "xcode 9 fixed width constraints may cause clipping". I intentionally have fixed with constraints on buttons with icons and text where I am using an icon font. In both t...
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  • Beacon Ranging Problem in 10?

    Hi,   Since iOS 10 we have found that the beacon side of our application is failing, namely the DidRange callback is no longer being fired. Looking through the code on my way in this morning, I cannot see anythi...
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  • SecItemAdd returns 0 but key ref is null -- only after iOS 11 update

    My call to SecItemAdd is returning 0 but the public key reference I pass in is nil. This happens ONLY with iOS 11. I am importing an RSA public key and formatting it for BasicEncodingRules using a helper library calle...
    created by Vanilla5113
  • iOS 11 kills app after 10 minutes

    I'm facing with an issue since upgrading from iOS 10 to iOS 11. Our music app gets killed after 10 minutes playing music. We are using React Native 0.46 and some plugins which handle the native AVPlayer code. We've al...
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  • NEPacketTunnelProvider ignoring /etc/hosts file

    My NEPacketTunnelProvider uses NSURLSession for certain communication with my server. It seems to ignore the /etc/hosts file, though.   I created a hosts entry for "vpn.example.com". This entry works great with ...
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  • iOS 11 Simulator unusable slow

    Hi,   the iOS 11 Simulator is unusable slow for me when using MKMapKit. I'm getting <= 1 FPS with major UI lag when:   - Running an app using MKMapView - Running the preinstalled Maps app   I'm o...
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  • How can I convert a Xcode Playground in Swift 3 to work with Xcode 9?

    I made a big Swift Playground in Xcode 8 using Swift 3 and would like to make it work in Xcode 9 too. I tried to just run but availed me no success. Anyone having a solution please help...It works fine in Xcode 8 but ...
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  • Personal hotspot failing IOS11

    I’ve started using IOS11 as of today on both my iPhone 6S plus and my iPad mini 2. It now seems that my personal hotspot from my iPhone tonmy iPad is having serious issues staying connect. Although having both d...
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  • who do i share an idea with to help me developing an app

    who and how do i contact somebody about an idea to help me developing an app
    created by lominy95
  • Server 5.4 changes

    Hi all,   Server 5.4 has a weird thing. From release notes :   Caching Server, Time Machine Server, and File Sharing advanced options are now built directly into macOS • Caching Server now supports ...
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  • git hosting on macos server no longer possible?

    Hi,   I hosted my git repositories on an Macos Server. After upgrading to Xcode 9 (on the Server) it's no longer possible to manage my repositories? What's the best solution if I don't want to use GitHub and st...
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  • In swift what is the point of having a icon badge number if you cannot really update it?

    I was wondering... Dear Apple, what is the point of giving the possibility when using local notification to set an badge upon scheduling if this badge is a fake one?? You cannot actually have a real value of it sinc...
    created by coty10
  • Reading Safari's History or ReadingList

    Is there a Mac App Store approved way of obtaining the Safari history URLs or ReadingList URLs?
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  • How to reguraly send data to a BLE peripheral in background?

    I'm quite new to iOS programming and i'm working with Core Bluetooth in Swift 3 to connect and exchange data to a specific (custom made) ble peripheral.   If the user selects a specific mode in the aplication i ...
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  • watchOS 4 iPhone Music Controller

    After the WWDC 2017 Keynote, I made sure to install all of the available betas, as I always do. That meant I also installed the watchOS 4 beta, on my Apple Watch Sport Series 1, and the iOS 11 beta on my iPhone 7. On ...
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  • Wifi configuration profile is not working in iOS 11!

    While connecting a WPA2 Enterprise Wifi with preconfigured username and password via confiuration profile in iOS 11, it always asks for identity certificate. Even if password is not preconfigured, it still asks for id...
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