• PushKit(VoIP Push) against iOS 13

    I have a question about PushKit(VoIP Push) against iOS 13.       As already announced, APNs will not accept push messages to the device     updated iOS 13 unless messages contain new header ...
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  • Setting the apns-push-type header to alert or background causes a InvalidPushType error

    It appears since the release of iOS 13 on September 19th 2019 that APNS has introduced a new bug with the apns-push-type header that is provided when sending push notifications.   The documentation states that t...
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    created by bdholmes
  • Available USDZ models are different between iOS & MacOS?

    I started making a project in reality composer in MacOS Catalina beta 8 that does not seem to be available on iOS 13 Test Flight build v 1.0(104.2) .   It is the record player in the art/music category.   ...
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  • How to enable Spotlight search for emails in macOS Catalina?

    Spotlight search for emails neither works with MDQueryRef nor with mdfind in the Terminal.app even if the user has granted full disc access for the app in the security settings. The application logic of our app works ...
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  • Final Cut Pro X is crashed

    I just upgraded to beta 8 and FCPX is crashed whenever I open the app. I tested with empty library but it's same. Reinstalling the app isn't work. Here is the head of crash log. Anybody had same issue?   ``` Pr...
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  • viewController.tabBarItem.image with gif image in UITabbarController does not Render with Original   in  IOS 13 beta , Other version system are work well.

    this is my code:          NSMutableArray *imagesArray = [NSMutableArray array];         for (NSInteger i = 0; i < 3; i++) {   ...
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  • iOS 13 SiriTTS crash

    Following yesterdsay's iOS 13 release we are seeing a large amount of crash in SiriTTS:   Crashed: com.twitter.crashlytics.ios.exception 0  {app name}         ...
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  • Renew certificates

    I've just received Apple notice that some certificates will expire in one month.   Your iOS Development Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days. To generate a new certificate, sign in and visit Certificat...
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  • Renewing Certificates in Existing Wallet Passes

    Hello Fellow Dev's,   We have been searching for an answer on how to renew certificates on existing wallet passes.   We have developed a Loyalty Pass and do not want our users to have to download new passe...
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  • Endpoint Security sign_id & team_id on AUTH_EXEC

    can someon confirm that this is a bug or not   on ES_EVENT_AUTH_EXEC I extract the signing_id and the team_id from the exec target.           NSString *signid = esstring_t...
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    created by frankfenn
  • Building with Xcode 11 GM Seed 2 hangs

    My project build just hangs at seemingly Random places. Usually while building pods. I notice two "swift" processes that are active, but the status increments but then at some point hangs saying "Building X of Y tasks...
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  • pass type id cert. will be expired in 30 days

    I got an email from apple that my pass type id cert. will be expired in 30 days and no any information to extend and I already extended my account.   What should I do?   Thanks.
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  • Guideline 2.1 - in-app purchase issue

    Hello,   I have one issue regarding in-app purchase. The problem is that SKProductsRequest returns 0 product in the App Review environment.   The in-app products identifiers are hardcoded in the app, so ...
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  • Will Apple change the public key in the future?

    The reason I'm asking the questions is that as we need to validate the id token signature returned by Apple when a user Sign In with Apple, I'm not sure whether it is necessary to fetch Apple's public key every time f...
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  • Can't change NSPersistentContainer into NSPersistentCloudKitContainer

    I want my exiting project that's using Core Data to enable it use NSPersistentCloudKitContainer.   So I set up my project as below documentation "Setting Up Core Data with CloudKit" says. https://developer.appl...
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  • In app purchase question

    Hi,   we are developing an application on behalf of our Customer. Our Customer is offering a mobile app as an alternative way to get some contents but they have a web e-commerce where their users will buy and p...
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  • Effect of Pass Type ID w NFC Certificate Expiration

    I'm having a hard time finding in the Wallet documentation what the net effect would be when the production signing certificate for a Pass Type ID w/ NFC expires out.  I'm pretty sure any attempts to install a pk...
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  • Sandbox user creation no longer allows + character in email?

    Hello, in the past we've been able to creation IAP sandbox users on App Store Connect using emails with the + character.   This appears to no longer be allowed? Was this intentional or a bug?   If intentio...
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  • is XCode 11 avaliable in the Mac App Store yet?

    Today I just updated my iPhone to iOS 13 then I can't run the app in my iPhone.   I read the XCode 11 release notes it's tell me XCode 11 available in Mac App Store https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xco...
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  • Okay to call endBackgroundTask after starting a background session upload?

    I'm getting some 0x8b4df00d errors, and I'd like to prevent them...   The basic pattern I'm using is to begin a background task, start background session upload tasks, and then end my background task. With some ...
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