• xcode 10 change navigator fonts. To much eye strain

    Its easy to change the text editor fonts and zoom in and out when using the text editor. The problem I have is all the other fonts are too small. I get terrible eye strain.  using the Mac accessiblity screen zoom...
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    created by aedwip
  • Label Frame Jumps in IntentUI Extension When Displayed

    Hi,   I've got a SiriKit UI extension for a shortcut and it's working fine except for a layout issue.   The UI consists of a UIImageView and a UILabel, both in a UIStackView which is pinned on all sides to...
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    created by Hunter
  • Xcode 10.1 - the file 'xxx.app' couldn't be opened because you don't have permission to open it

    I removed library lstdc++6.0.9.dylib from the project because it is not required and Xcode 10.1 won't let me compile.   Likewise, I leave Valid Architectures to be blank.  When I try to run with the simulat...
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    last modified by edxsturt
  • Why locationManager is not called immediately after being called in viewDidLoad

    I need to get the zipCode and city from multiple locations in my app so I created the following class.   import Foundation import CoreLocation class MyLocationManager: NSObject, CLLocationManagerDelegate {  ...
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    last modified by fsdolphin
  • Training using MPS - issues with MPSNNGraph.encodeBatch

    I curious why so few people are posting about training on MPS - am I missing something?   I'm building a (fairly) simple Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in MPSCNN and have come across an issue with exporting ...
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    last modified by playingwithcode
  • Distinguish BLE devices

    Hi,   I have came a long way in my swift learning and BLE communication.   But now I seem to have hit a wall the past weeks I have tired to figure out how to distinguish between BLE devices with same UUID ...
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    created by Peter E
  • CNContactBirthdayKey seems to be ignored in ContactsUI ViewControllers

    When I try to filter the Contacts properties with displayedPropertyKeys, there is something wrong with the key CNContactBirthdayKey. Even though my contact has a birthday date set, I cant see it in any ContactsUI's Vi...
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    last modified by maxultra
  • Apple Search Ads API Ad Group Bid Posting

    I'm trying to update ad group bids for a Search Match campaign.   Sending this data: {"id": 12345, "campaignId": 6789, "name": "search_match", "defaultCPCBid": {"amount": "0.58", "currency": "USD"}}   Ge...
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    created by tcontelt
  • In the MetalImageRecognition sample code provided by Apple, how is the batch normalization performed on the weights and biases parameters?

    The README provides the following comment:   /* The weights for this particular network were batch normalized but for inference we may use : w =    / √(s + 0.001), b = ß - ( A * m ) s...
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  • turkish

    I want a Turkish explanation, can you help?
  • user

    Здравствуйте,Помогите Пожалуйста понять как первое приложения выложить в AppStore,Заранее всем огромное Спасибо за помощь и внимания
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  • button SpriteKit

    Hello, i am a problem in my gamescene, i created two button in my gamescene and my problem is that I have to separate them strongly so that both are OK and more, when I click a centimeter next to one of the two button...
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    last modified by MaximeHae
  • login help

    I've literally just started using Xcode, as I wanted to do more than the limitations of AppleScript. I'm having a bit of a tough time finding out how to make a password script for my app that's meant to run on a MacB...
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    last modified by BreadOWL
  • Error when training a Convolutional Neural Network (MPS)

    I'm trying to train a network in MPS which consists of a series of CNN blocks (conv layer, activation and max pooling) and a couple of fully connected layers at the end; but each time I try and train I receive an erro...
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    last modified by playingwithcode
  • Battery Life on iPad 10.5 iOS 12.1

    I've noticed over the last few days that the battery life on my iPad pro 10.5 is very poor. For example, according to screen time, it was used for 2 minutes during the weekend yet it lost nearly 50% battery. In additi...
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    last modified by SpaceFlightOrange
  • Mojave Beta (18D21c) Regular Bluetooth Dropouts

    Intermittently losing Mouse and Keyboard for several seconds ( 10 to 20 secs each time ) since this version.  Prior versions were ok.
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    created by ParanoidAndroid
  • Xcode Scene Graph Pyramid Size

    When adding a pyramid from the objects library to the scene graph, the objects appears, but the size shown in the attributes inspector is 0 for height, width and length. When I attempt to change the 0 to 1 or 0.5, the...
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    created by bmac413
  • Application Crashing on ggl_gtzuompo

    Hello, I am currently experiencing a strange crash with the following stack on the Main Thread:   Fatal Exception: NSGenericException 0  CoreFoundation         &#...
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    last modified by wl.smart.products
  • Tab Bar Controller

    I am having a problem with my tab bar controller. When I launch my app on my phone the tab bar controller the shows like it is supposed to and show the main page to let you select your drive and length and everything ...
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    last modified by Joel14
  • WKWebView from outer server's html5 with javascript

    I can use the UIWebView to transfer WKWebView. And then I use the web server. So I read and action html from there.   That code is like this. #import "ViewController.h" /*If your header file has not UIKit.h im...
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    created by Grandcross