• Building configd of HS

    Need help with missing headers from network/config.h || private.h There seems to b no documentation on it This would allow us to build configd and it's subcomponents.
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  • iOS 12 - Intents Extension - LocalAuthentication error

    Hello,   I've been experiencing some weird issues in iOS 12 beta 5 and 6, but I don't think I saw them in beta 4. From my Intents Extension, I was previously able to use LocalAuthentication to prompt a user for...
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    created by vw_andrewkehrig
  • AVAudioFile only saves zeroes?

    Basically I need to create a 4 channel buffer, and output and read data to and from a file. I'm using PCM with a .CAF file since I'm not sure any other format that supports 4 channel audio (if that one even does?) I c...
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    created by slmille4
  • Mojave 6 & 7 forgets about Watch Unlock and prompts for finger print

    It looks like Watch Unlock activates, but given my 2018 MacBook Pro has finger prints configured, it asks for those for login.   Should it not use the watch, if enabled and close? Works on my other systems witho...
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  • Does In-App Purchase work?

    I received a lot of inquiries. They said, they cannot purchase items in app.
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    created by KarlPark
  • iOS 12 beta 8

    I just installed iOS 12 beta 8 OTA without drama.  It was quick, and apps seem to open and close quickly.  No problems with Settings noted. All good. (I heard about the beta 7 problems before intalling....
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  • Outdoor Cycle workout doesn't track any GPS related values

    Hi there, I faced the next issue in watchOS 5 beta 4 and it still ocurs in beta 7: when I do Cycle workout it doesn't track distance, speed and avg speed. It only shows "--". After workout complection a workout map is...
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  • WatchOS 5 beta 7 keeps restarting Watch

    After installing beta 7 and the watch completed the process, I put it on my wrist and had these repeated restarts. It finally settled but it crashed and restarted at least 5 times after installing this latest beta. (...
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  • Calendar showing no entries for today

    Updated to latest Beta yesterday (16R5334f) and calendar on my watch is showing no-entries for today where in fact I have 8+ calendar entries for today that happily show on my iPhone, iPad & MBPro.
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  • IOS 12 Beta 7 to Beta 6 upgrade? wait what?

    so i have Iphone 7 plus and i had beta 7 IPWS file installed today i got OTA and it said beta 6 public downlaod and install? so i was confused about that, i went ahead and pushed the update thinking it will brick my p...
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    created by dimavr
  • validateMenuItem disappeared in ccode 10 Beta 6

    New update: Closed.     --------   Hello,   I am using xcode 10 beta6 and migrated swift code to swift 4.2, now I have problem to validate app menu, the old implementation is:   override f...
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  • I have a wonderful idea for Apple

    Hi Apple,   The idea is simply about creation a social media platform where people can share they're favorite songs with pictures and videos of themselves on they're favorite songs, so it will be some like a sli...
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  • xcode9 can't drag view into view controller

    I'm following the "Intro to App Development with Swift" in iBooks and in one of the tutorials it tells me to drag a new View from the Object Library onto the View Controller in the stroryboard of a single-view App. Bu...
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    created by remsleep
  • Programatically change view controller when button clicked

    I'm getting started with macOS development and I'm trying to implement a button which switches to another view controller. I don't want to use a segue for this as it is a login button. I would like to do it the same a...
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    last modified by bcarroll
  • Need help reducing/ compressing audio file using swift

    Hi all!   I posted this qustion to Stack Overflow in the past 24 hours.  Really trying to get an answer to this as my current solution appears to be missing something.  Here is the post; https://stack...
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    created by JosephBigBoss
  • Issue instantiating CLPlacemark

    Xcode Version: 10.0 beta 6 (10L232m)   I'm getting an error instantiating a CLPlacemark with this constructor: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corelocation/clplacemark/2132103-init   The error me...
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  • Shortcuts beta 3

    Hi,   Someone have the third beta of Shortcuts ? The beta it's show on Dev update.
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    created by tipat36
  • My Apps: We can't process your request

    Trying to go into My Apps on itunes connect (https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/ra/ng/app) after uploading a new build of an application, and receiving an email notification that it had compl...
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  • player authentication is caching old bundle ID

    when I try to authenticate my player (GKLocalPlayer.localPlayer().authenticateHandler) i get the error "status = 5019, no game matching descriptor: macos:org.my.game" the problem is this "org.my.game" bundle identifie...
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    created by Fault
  • I want a TestFlight code for Siri shortcuts beta for iOS 12 beta now

    My code should be sent in no time
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    last modified by Jonathanwwdc17