• linking against a dylib which is not safe for use in application extensions

    I am getting a build time warning which says: "linking against a dylib which is not safe for use in application extensions" in my intent app extension when I include my custom framework. I have eliminated almost all c...
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    created by ShinehahGnolaum
  • publish an application similar

    Can we make and publish an application similar to our previous one, but having changed and added functionality?
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    last modified by dieselltd
  • BLE peripheral device disconnection with status 759

    I'm working on an application that processes continuous data from a BLE device. I've been noticing occasional unexpected device disconnections, and when I look at the device console logs at the time of disconnection I...
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    last modified by ibel5
  • USB Devices Not Recognized in High Sierra

    Hello   My name is Kris and I assist with tech support at MXL Microphones. Recently, we've had multiple complaints of customers being unable to use their MXL USB microphones after updating their OS to High Sierr...
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    last modified by MXLMics
  • Changing from subclass to base class invalidates protocol implementation ??

    Hi,   I want to write some reuable code that implements a protocol. It all went fine when it was added in an extension to ViewController, my own subclass of UIViewController, but when I changed the extension to ...
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    last modified by logistes
  • How to get movement speed of iPhone

    I was wondering how to keep track of movement speed of an iPhone (in mph if possible)   Thanks.
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    last modified by Josh587
  • MapJS how to creat MapID and key?

    why i did't see mapsID when follow https://developer.apple.com/documentation/mapkitjs/setting_up_mapkit_js.   https://ws4.sinaimg.cn/large/006tNbRwgy1fwchoc3sinj30fm0xc0ur.jpg   It that not avaiable in China?
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    last modified by __z2xy__
  • Share security scoped bookmark in app group?

    1) Main app and extension register for app groups.   2) Main app gets a url from NSOpenPanel, makes a security scoped bookmark and saves is in NSUserdefaults with group container as the suite name.   3) Ru...
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    last modified by Macho Man Randy Savage
  • access to bookmarks from App Extension

    I'm currently working on an extension, which requires access to folders previously selected in app by user. Everything is okay with reading bookmarks, but only in APP... in Today extension i got this error message "Th...
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    last modified by Mundek
  • Suggestion: change color of pragma mark in jump bar to contrast methods and properties

    I don't remember if this was an issue prior to upgrading to Mojave and implementing dark mode, but in Xcode 10 the color palette does not make the jump bar easy to navigate through. The color for pragma marks (for me,...
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    last modified by swanstation
  • NSString category issues

    Hello, I'm having some NSString category issues with alternate NSString types. Here is an example. I have a simple category as one can see here and In this case, I get a error "Terminating app due to uncaught excepti...
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    last modified by cheizer
  • How to read the VPN profile- that is deployed via MDM- from the app?

    I deployed a custom VPN configuration on the device via an MDM profile. The field "Identifier" of the VPN configuration has the value same as that of my app's bundle identifier. But, loadAllFromPreferences method is r...
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    last modified by juidhar
  • localstorage on iOS Safari does not persist in iFrames

    I'm currently working on a web application which sits inside an iframe for security purposes (protecting user data) and is hosted on other websites. To keep session state for insecure data, we write some data to local...
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    created by mrowles2
  • SafariDriver Cant Find Element Locations

    In the newest version of SafariDriver that was shipped with Safari 12 I am seeing an issue where calling element.Location is throwing an error: 'The given key was not present in the dictionary.'   Of course th...
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    last modified by tmonteith
  • Simulator crashes immediately upon launch

    Yesterday the XCode 10 simulator was running fine. Today, instantly crashes upon launch. I have run the XCode 9 simulator and reset simulator. I have "installed" XCode 10 from app store. Is there a preference I can ...
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    last modified by randomizer
  • How to get data from iOS app to Watch app in a background task?

    Hi. I have an iOS app with a Watch app that works generally well, but I can't seem to get the Watch app to update with data from the iOS app after it's been suspended/killed by watchOS 4.   The Watch app has com...
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    last modified by darkpaw
  • iOS App Store allows users to attempt download of my iPad app to their iPhone and then fails with a "device not compatible" error

    I've produced a Link Maker URL for my iPad iOS app on my web page at http://www.fatdog.com/abcJump/. When users access the link via their iPhone, the App Store entry for my app shows up and seemingly allows the user t...
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    last modified by howardck
  • How to advertise a cloud service without rejection for app store?

    Today we received a rejerction of a minor update of our app. We have a kind of sticky note at the bottom of a list of content, that tells the user, that he or sche can integrate more sources with our payed cloud serci...
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    last modified by iQser_Developer
  • in app purchases issue - worth appealing?

    we built an app to support a private membership site (you can't join unless you are manually approved under strict guidelines) with chat and document sharing. all sign up and payment goes through the website not the a...
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    last modified by kvetos
  • App rejected cause Guideline 3.2.2 - Business - Other Business Model Issues - Unacceptable

    Hi Everyone!   Our app "Chachi" is currently published in the AppStore.   We are trying to upload a new version (with some minor fixes and not new functionalities), but we have been rejected from the appst...
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    last modified by Vegusquiza