• How to interpret this downloaded array.

    Hi, I'm trying to use ADF instead of SO.   I have the following code:   for i in 0..                     ...
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  • Inout as Any ?

    Can't pass an "inout" parameter as [AnyOnject] ?   I have a func that passes back an array but then set another array as the return, wondering if I can point to that array without the middle man. The type of the...
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  • AppId disappeared, Apple says just use new bundle id

    Recently I went to create a new Distribution Provisioning Profile for our Mac app. I got the error "No AppIds are available - You need an App ID to configure a Provisioning Profile.".  Hmmm, that's odd. This app ...
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  • Why my TableView doesn't show section headings?

    Hello:   I am trying to work with TableView. I need to divide the UI into static headings with text fields under each heading for the user to enter information as instructed by the heading. However, since I am n...
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  • PacketTunnelProvider Life Cycle

    hi, eskimo:      PacketTunnelProvider's - stopTunnelWithReason: completionHandler: How long can I detect other things after the method is executed?Maybe some network requests.
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  • MFI-licence price

    Hello, i want to develop a new hardware that is HomeKit enabled. I already know that i have to get a MFI-licence from apple to develop this, but i do not understand how much this costs? I guess it is not free, so it ...
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  • 401-Unauthorized developer token in Apple Music API

    I am trying to access API of Apple Music API  > https://developer.apple.com/documentation/applemusicapi    After creating the JWT developer token, when i try to access the API, An error of 401 - ...
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  • SafariExtensionHandler.swift is not working at all

    Hi all.   I'm following this guide for the creation of a new Safari App Extension.   However, once executed, nothing is logged inside the console when some events are fired.   For example, when I cli...
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    created by ivanodev
  • Is there an existing API or method for a device to send its own device’s app activity to another device ?

    E.g. Device ‘A’ App usage : - 1 hour Youtube - 1 hour Facebook - 30 mins Instagram We want pass the above information to Device ‘B’ then reflect in a simple table/graph. Thanks in advance
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    created by nakarin_bc
  • Error: The address entered appears to be invalid. Please correct your address and resubmit.

    I want to publish my first paid app on the App Store. To do that I need to sign the Paid Applications agreement. To do that I visited "Agreements, Tax and Banking" section of App Store Connect. Whenever I click on "Vi...
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  • Application Rejection : Guideline 3.2 - Business

    Hi,  My application has rejected several times and now I am getting following message   We found that your app is not appropriate for the World storefront because it is a custom app designed specifically f...
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    created by abdulrahmanaq
  • xhyve being used by Go console application

    Summary We a Go console application, that uses xhyve to start up a VM and do some processing and are trying to get networking to function without having xhyve setuid 0 by giving it the `com.apple.vm.networking` entitl...
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  • App crash on launch

    Hi, our app sometime crash on launch.Anyone can help me?Thanks in advance!     Incident Identifier: 218FF767-467E-4A18-A303-D25A09D49015 CrashReporter Key:   c147844d0a4d7a4821073ca6279b55263987...
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  • NSTimer in PacketTunnelProvider Doesn't work

    AppDelegate and PackagetTunnelProvider use NSTimer in the same way: [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:10 target:self selector:@selector(expireTime) userInfo:nil repeats:NO];   The -expireTime in AppDelega...
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  • In-house app was removed from my Enterprise cert in "Profiles & Device Management"

    My Enterprise cert has several apps.   From yesterday, one of my in-house apps suddenly had been removed from cert in "General -> Profiles & Device Management".   It just happened with some devices,...
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  • How do you persist a Swift struct to disk?

    I'd like to have my table view's data save and load from disk whenever the user leaves and reenters the app. I tried conforming to the NSCoding protocol as detailed here, but then got a compiler error saying that non-...
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  • WARNING: The advertisement key 'Service Data' is not allowed

    Anybody knows why CoreBluetooth doesn't allow us to advertise with Service Data (0x16) We will get warning when try in to set value for CBAdvertisementDataServiceDataKey
  • UICollectionReusableView

    I have UICollectionView(Multiple selection is allowed) inside UICollectionReusableView. When I select any cell of UICollectionView it changes backgroundColor = .blue and this selection is handled by overriding isSelec...
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  • Detect of user refunding non-renewable subscriptions

    Hello,   Some users request refund of non-renewable subscriptions, and still use the product. I found the amount of them is quite large, so I cannot ignore their case. So I want to detect them, so I can withdr...
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    created by Sesang Cho
  • Rejected on 1.2 Safety: User Generated Content

    I have been rejected by app reviewers multiple times on this matter.   To resolve this issue, please revise your app to implement all of the following precautions:   - Require that users agree to terms (EU...
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