• Xcode 10 beta 1/2/3 build failed: Encountered an error communicating with IBAgent-iOS.

    I use Xcode 10 beta 3 to create a single demo app, when builds, it failed and shows: Encountered an error communicating with IBAgent-iOS.     The full message belows:   2018-07-04 16:40:32.249 ibtoold[...
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  • Storyboard global tint not shown properly

    I've defined a custom Color Set and applied it to global tint of the storyboard.   But after reopening the project it seems to be not found (link below) https://ibb.co/mBh7G95   That's not it yet. If i ...
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  • Custom keyboard.

    I have created a keyboard extension but I do not feel the responsiveness like the default keyboard.  I feel I have to mash down the keys and I feel when typing quickly the touch will skip a letter or two till the...
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  • Constraints depending or Portrait / Landscape

    I would need to have constraints that depend on the orientation of the device. Some in Portrait, another in Landscape.   I thought I got it with variations, using hC / hR or wC / wR cominations to detect the ori...
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  • Window Layout Best Practices

    I'm not sure if I'm violating a rule here because I'm wanting opinions as opposed to a specific answer.   I have a MacOS application whose content does not change location or adjust shape. So, in IB, nearly ever...
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  • How to show image in bar button item as is?

    How would I take the tint off of a bar button item so that the image of the button shows as is? With the tint set, blue being the default, it shows the image as that color instead of the actual image.
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  • Different navbar in IOS13

    Hello,   After making code changes for iOS13 I spot strange looking of my navbar. After watching WWDC 2019 and reading a lot of internet articles I am still not able to make look like in iOS12.   https://a...
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  • Top Bar in My App

    I have top bar as "none" in my simulated metrics, but it still shows up in the actual app when I launch on my phone. Why is this?
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  • Xcode 11 Static Table Views in storyboard are not replacing textLabel with localized text

    This issue has occurred in Xcode 11 and we didn't find it until users reported it. It seems that if you have a Static Table View that is grouped, the textLabel.text is not being replaced with the localized text. This ...
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  • Can I learn with iOS 11 book?

    I found an instructional bookt that is for iOS 11 and Swift 4. The book has no updated version. Is it possible for me to use this book today even though we're now on iOS 13 and Swift 5?
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  • Can't delete an NSView

    I’m trying to re-design a window in an .xib with XCodde 11.2.1. I want to delete an NSView but I can’t. I can’t drag it to the trash. When I highlight it in the hierarchy pane the Cut and Delete item...
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  • Assistant Editor Problem

    My Assistant Editor always opens header files from the Xcode 11 directory. For example, I tried opening the ContentView.swift file associated with my view Object. Instead the Assistant Editor opened a UIViewControlle...
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  • Help with changing the height of a UIView based on the device

    I am trying to change the height of a UIView based on which device the user is on. For example, I have created a view with an alpha of 25%. This view is pinned to the top, left, and right of the screen. I need the vie...
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  • Unknown class in Interface Builder file + NSUnknownKeyException

    Hi   I'm building a today extension which works fine on iOS13+ but somehow it doesn't work for the versions below.   On other versions I get following error:   2019-12-20 08:45:41.741 MyWidget[4730:53...
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  • Attributed text in TextView - Objective-c

    Hi there, Because Xcode crashes when clicking in IB TextView after selecting "attributed", I need to know how to get parts of text in different styles and sizes, for example:   This should be in Helvetica bold ...
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  • Storyboard won't zoom when editing macOS app

    I'm using XCode 8.2.1 on a MacBook Pro using the most recent macOS.   I just finished rewriting one of my early iOS apps in Swift to get it back on the store. It would be useful to some if it were available to r...
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  • How could Xcode improve for auto layout handling ?

    I have mixed feelings about SwiftUI. It seems fun for sure, really powerful, but… A major issue is that it seems we give up graphical design to return to declarative code. Just as if Finder returned to command...
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  • Conecting the elements on the Storybord to code

    Hello, Because of my disability it is dificult for me to press the controll key and to drag and drop something at the same time, like you have to do in order to make the conection between the elements in the storyboa...
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  • Closing editor crash Xcode 11.2 on OSX 10.14.6

    1. Open project created by prior Xcode version 1. Changing editor orientation to "Below" 2. File->New Editor Below ... the Editor appears below 3. Closing the Editor above Crash.   Bug exist in Xcode 11....
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  • "Can't find keyplane that supports type 8 for keyboard"?

    When I first began trying to build my app, I set the device to iPhone 11. I ran the app several times in the simulator and it worked just fine. But after two days, I began to get an error (listed below) and finally my...
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