• Closing editor crash Xcode 11.2 on OSX 10.14.6

    1. Open project created by prior Xcode version 1. Changing editor orientation to "Below" 2. File->New Editor Below ... the Editor appears below 3. Closing the Editor above Crash.   Bug exist in Xcode 11....
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  • Navigation Items disappear after migrate Xcode from 11.1 to 11.2

    Hello,   A navigation controller within a complex storyboard behaves strange after migrate Xcode up to 11.2. The controller has two navigation items on the left (Back) and on the Right (Play). They disapperar ...
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  • Body font dynamic sizing ignored in cell labels

    For all my apps that use table view cells, I set up the textLabel and detailTextLabel in the storyboard editor to have a font of 'Body'.  And, as my minimum OS is iOS 11, I also check the 'Automatically Ajusts Fo...
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  • Simulator changing storyboard

    It’s hard to explain, but once I added a connection from my sign in button to my sign in screen the notch area on the storyboard isn’t shown anymore, now it’s the sign in page, and there appears to b...
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  • Text Styles broken in Xcode 11.1+

    On my machine text styles are broken in Xcode 11.1+ and I am desperately looking for a solution/workaround. It seems that the problem is not related to my current project but I can reproduce it in new projects as well...
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  • xcode 11.2 storyboard TextView crash

    @"NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException" - reason: @"Could not instantiate class named _UITextLayoutView because no class named _UITextLayoutView was found; the class needs to be defined in source code or linked in fro...
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  • error: unable to create symlink at

    error: unable to create symlink at '/Users/mycomputer/Documents/Unreal Projects/projectfolder/Binaries/IOS/Payload/project.app'   Is anbody had an error message like this preventing the project to be "Archive" i...
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  • Set up margins in XCode 11

    Hi, I am completely new to iOS development and I'm trying to follow the official tutorial. It is a bit annoying because it doesn't seem to be up to date, but I managed to get up to this point: https://developer.appl...
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  • Class 'XYHomeMallCell' defined without specifying a base class

    #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>   NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN   @interface XYHomeMallCell : UITableViewCell                  <...
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  • xcode 11.0 no support for nsPopupButtons

    Just launched xcode 1Version 11.0 (11A420a) and built and ran my app.  The popup buttons show up as just the title,  no box around it and no icon on the right to indicate a dropdown.  The popup still wo...
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  • iostream file not found

    Since updating to Macos Catalina Xcode has been showing this problem. I did some research and could not solve the problem. Worth noting is te program still runs and it builds successfully. It is just the live buildi...
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    created by RazVR
  • Xcode 11 Auto layout

    I cannot see how to disable Auto layout in Xcode 11. I saw nothing in the release notes to say it's no longer possible. Is it no longer possible to do this by error or design?
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  • Cocoa Bindings

    I've been trying to understand how to use Cocoa Bindings.  There seems to be three ways: key-value observing; Notifications; and Bindings in Interface Builder. The purpose of bindings is supposedly to avoid wri...
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  • Having troubles fixinf xcode libraries

    Im unable to install package headers for xcode     tried xcode-select --install 'n' number of times .. couldnt locate the package directory   due to which my libraries are having issues     ...
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    created by rollingsmoke
  • Can you change constraints in the code, which were originally set in interface builder?

    I am playing around to learn interface builder constraints.   My current project has a lot of subviews and constraints set, however, for the sake of asking my qustion, I reduced the scope down to the basics ...
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  • Xcode 11 PKCanvasView

    Hello,   with Xcode 11 the Pencil Kit is introduced. I am able to import the Pencil Kit in the View Controller but I can not chose a PKCanvas View from Storyboard (the Plus Button feature does not show up such a...
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  • Navigation Controller PushViewController no longer calls ViewDidAppear/will

    Hello,   Switching from iOS 12 to 13 caused that our views no longer function correctly. This is due that when NavigationController.PushViewController is called, it no longer calls ViewWill/DidAppear and their o...
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  • How do I view sibling and ancestor constraints in Xcode 11?

    Xcode 11 Interface Builder groups layout constraints into Horizontal and Vertical. While this is sometimes useful, I personally find it more helpful to organize constraints hierarchically. Is there any option to get t...
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  • How do you use IBSegueAction with navigation controller?

    I've been trying to incorporate the new segue action functionality to communicate data between two view controllers. Unfortunately, the destination view controller is wrapped in a UINavigationController, which means t...
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  • clearbuttonmode on dark mode

    I was working with dark mode settings and stuck on one problem. On my app, I want a text field to be white when dark mode is on Then I turn on a clear button and make it always visible For some reason, the clear but...
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