• Apple Development: this identity cannot be used for signing code

    Im trying to build and sign iOS application on a new mac.   Using Automatic signing by provisioning profile I always get same error on a stage of CopySwiftLibs   Error sounds like the topic, but it predica...
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  • How to access a client certificate installed by MDM on iOS device from a MDM managed app.

    Hi,   I'm using Airwatch MDM to push iOS profiles and a MDM managed app(Basic VPN App that establishes VPN connection to our dedicated server using NetworkExtension on a certificate based authentication method)....
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  • Can't create a Mac version of iPad App: Xcode couldn't find any Mac Catalyst App Development provisioning profiles matching 'maccatalyst.com…'

    I'm trying to create a Mac Catalyst version of my iPad app. I checked the "Mac" checkbox (under Device in General section), I selected the "My Mac" scheme, I ran... and then, xcode show me code signing errors! When...
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  • Catalyst + Manual Signing?

    I'm trying to experiment with a Catalyst version of my iPad app. I checked the checkbox, I selected the "My Mac" scheme, I ran... and then, code signing errors! In the "Advanced" WW session, it works like magic with A...
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  • Push notifications not working

    Hello, our team is working on an application with push notifications based on ionic with firebase. Our android build works perfectly and notifications are received. Notifications also works when running in debug wi...
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  • Failed to create provisioning profile

    Hi,   I have selected my team under sign in Xcode but after selecting my team I get the following error message: Failed to create provisioning profile   How can I solve this without a physical iPhone? ...
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  • "Sign in with Apple" capability not available

    Hello!   I am trying to build a web application incorporating the "Sign in with Apple" capability, but it is nowhere to be found. I've already reached out to the support via E-Mail, who told me to activate two-...
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    created by rha
  • Can't export p12 certificate

    Hi everyone,   I bought myself a new notebook. Then I transfered all the data from my previous macbook to the new one by using the migration assistant. After that, I created a new certificate (Apple Push Servic...
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    created by testUser3434
  • Missing icloud entitlement in provisioning profile

    Hello, I have a problem with missing icloud entitlement in provisioning profile. The project is build from Unity engine. Then after I load it in Xcode 11, choosing the provisioning profile I got an error in Xcode say...
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    created by Deusald
  • Xcode 11.2: Unable to install (on device): The executable was signed with invalid entitlements: Code: -402620394

    Since updating to Xcode 11.2, I am unable to run any projects on iOS device at all.   In each case, after the project builds, I get a popup that says "Unable to install "EDC_Manager"" (EDC_Manager is my app name...
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  • Bundle IDs not Updating in App Store Connect

    I've added 2 new App Bundle Identifiers, and its been about 24+ hours and they still aren't appearing in App Store Connect for me to use with a new listing.   I've tried logging out, deleting cookies, using alte...
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  • how-to change network set programmatically

    Hello I am trying to switch between my predefined network sets (Apple Menu -> Location).. for that, several functions have to be used:   SCPreferencesLock(prefs, true) SCNetworkSetSetCurrent(set) SCPrefere...
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  • Invalid entitlements

    Hi, i have one application with adhoc and appstore provision profiles. With adgoc everything is fine, but with appstore signed profile i cant isntall application on device. But if i upload it to testflight everything...
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  • Renewing certificate

    I've received the usual messages:   Your Developer ID Installer Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days. To generate a new certificate … Your Developer ID Application Certificate will no longer be...
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  • How do i authorize a new iMac for development?

    Hi, I have an individual development account. Currently I have an older iMac and and older macBook Pro as my two authorized machines. I would like to remove the older iMac and replace it in my authoizations with the n...
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  • Certificate included in provisioning profile does not exist in my account

    Hi Everyone,   Under 'signing & capabilities' in Xcode, the signing certificate that shows up in my provisioning profile has a certificate ID that is not one of my certificates in my developer account (I kno...
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  • App Thinning fails with XCode 10.3

    Hey guys,   we're distributing a dynamic objc framework that we have built with XCode 11.0 (11A420a). It targets iOS 11.0.   When including this SDK in an app (via CocoaPods) in XCode 10.3 (10G8) building...
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  • "codesign wants to access keychain" Always allow does not work

    I've recently updated to XCode 11, this now prompts me to enter my password every time I run a build from XCode, I am using a machine as an automated build agent. Typing my password and pressing "Always allow" does ...
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  • App launched from Sandboxed app is not sandboxed. Security flaw ?

    I have a very simple macOS app, built with latest swift, latest xcode. Is it sandboxed, and only launches another app (from the app store - with its own code signing).   I have placed this other app in my launch...
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  • Limit file access to certain folders for command line app

    I'm writing an app that needs access to the file system, but only certain folders. These folders will be relative to where the tool runs. For example, if the tool runs in /some-dir I want the tool to be limited to ac...
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