• Need help troubleshooting Universal Links

    Hi there,   I'm developing an app and having a problem with Universal links not working.   I've confirmed my AASA is valid: https://placetime.spatialfirst.com/apple-app-site-association   I've also a...
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  • Renew certificates

    I've just received Apple notice that some certificates will expire in one month.   Your iOS Development Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days. To generate a new certificate, sign in and visit Certificat...
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  • Limit file access to certain folders for command line app

    I'm writing an app that needs access to the file system, but only certain folders. These folders will be relative to where the tool runs. For example, if the tool runs in /some-dir I want the tool to be limited to ac...
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  • Invalid Profile

    I'm developing with XCode and i've a problem with profile validation (provisioning profile) for push notifications. The profile still in invalid status. I'm using APN (firebase for push notification). The push notific...
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    created by StefanoLisi
  • Unable to verify authorization token

    We're trying to generate and validate the authorization token for device check api , but getting the following error. Please check and update us with a solution.   Error : "Unable to verify authorization token" ...
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  • dSYMUploader has conflicting provisioning settings

    I am unable to upload my archive to the app store because of this error. Here is the full error message I receive:   dSYMUploader is automatically signed for distribution, but a conflicting code signing identity...
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  • Notarize and staple ticket to unix executable

    This query on how to staple ticket with unix executable after notarization. I am new to MAC OSX environment. Following steps are used to notarize and staple unix executable :- 1) Enabled hardened runtime to already c...
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  • The operation couldn’t be completed. Unable to log in with account 'myappleid'. An unexpected failure occurred while logging in (Underlying error code 1100).

    Anyone got and resolved this issue:   The operation couldn’t be completed. Unable to log in with account 'j.neerunjun@ntlworld.com'. An unexpected failure occurred while logging in (Underlying error code 1...
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  • codesign wants to access key "access" in your bunch of keys

    Hi, my apps run on the iOSSimulator without problems and used to run on devices as well, but after updating to latest XCode-Version I am getting the above error message when trying to run an app on my iPhone 7. It sa...
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  • Set the code signing identity value to "3rd Party Mac Developer Application" in the build settings editor, or switch to manual signing

    I am uploading an iphone game via Unity 3D to XCode and have been getting this error for a month, "Spatial Media Metadata Injector is automatically signed for distribution but a conflicting code signing identity iPhon...
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  • Xcode 11 beta keeps removing(?) my server from the developer account

    I have two Mac Minis: one running Xcode Server 10 (production) and one running Xcode Server 11 beta (development & testing) These two machines share a developer account only used for server-related things.   ...
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  • Can`t archive my app because of the error: "No account for team..."

    Hey,   I want to submit my app to the AppStore and klicked on archive. But then this error appears: "No account for team "...". Add a new account in the Accounts preference pane or verify that your accounts hav...
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    created by lorenzus
  • App Group access after app transfer

    I want to ask a question about App Transfer. We have succesfully transferred our iOS app to new developer account. App ID and bundle is transferred but there is no app group id and push notification certificate in new...
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  • Product / Archive / Generic iOS Device build fails

    Hi there,   I have an app in xcode and i can do builds with a direct iOS device (a physical iPhone 6s Plus) and xcode builds the app and pushes it to the device..  awesome.   however the next step for...
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  • Option for Access to Certificates,Identifiers and profiles disabled

    Creating a new Admin account or the existing accounts have the option for access to certificates, Identifiers and Profile disabled. I checked it Admin and Account Holder account. Our Apple developer account is paid. C...
  • Provisioning Profile issue in Xcode 10.1 (10B61)

    Hello All,   I have upgraded from Xcode Version 9.4 (9F1027a) to Version 10.1 (10B61). When I make archive from Version 10.1 (10B61) I facing the below error:   A. Code Signing Error: kriya has conflicti...
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  • Xcode automatic signing creates wildcard app ID instead of the explicit ID

    i have 2 accounts 1 is free account and the other one just ott enrolled a week ago, before i enroll both where working ok just 1 day after i paid and enroll for one of them Xcode started creating only wildcard ID in t...
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  • A problem for Real machine commissioning without certificate

    A non-HTTP 200 response was received (400) for URL https://developerservices2.apple.com/services/QH65B2/ios/submitDevelopmentCSR.action?clientId=XABBG36SBA
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  • Is macOS notarization possible without spending $99?

    I have been asked the above question by a long-time developer, and I don't know the answer.  To find out I fired up Xcode (11.0beta6), added my non-developer AppleID to the account preferences, flipped the signin...
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  • How to remove cash-disbursements warning in .entitlements file?

    Recently, we connected an apple wallet for our application, in connection with this, when configuring the Provisioning Profile, the ApplePay In-App Provisioning Development option appeared. A couple of days ago in Xc...
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    created by dimanskii