• In-app purchases stopped working in iOS 13.4 The purchase dialog does not show up.

    Since iOS 13.4, the dialog for in-app purchases does not show up when the line "[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment];" is executed. Pre 13.4 a dialog popup showed up where the user confirmed the purchas...
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  • iOS 13.4 sandbox purchase issues

    Hi,   I'm seeing some new behavior, that's possibly a bug, with iOS 13.4 during the sandbox purchase flow.   In older iOS versions, when I made a sandbox purchase, I'd see several popup dialogs from iOS as...
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  • sandbox is unstable?

    hi. We use nodejs server and iap_verifier module.Many of our projects use this module, which has been very stable Payment verification seems that the online environment server link is normal, but there is a problem ...
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  • Changes In-App Receipt Format outside United States?

    We are validating our in-app purchase receipts locally in our app code (instead of server side). As part of that validation, we are looking for the `original_application_version` field to offer our older customers fre...
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  • macOS Sign In to the App Store failing for testing

    Hello,   We are working on a version of our Mac product that offers in-app purchase. It seems since upgrading to Catalina a couple of days ago I can no longer sign in with an App Store Connect sandbox account to...
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  • verifying apple receipt with PHP is not working sometime

    I'm using below code to verify apple receipt using PHP, using CURL i'm calling apple server and trying to get response.This code is working fine but sometimes apple JSON response is coming empty and i'm not getting an...
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  • Commission for using service outside of the app

    Hello,   we have an app, where users can track times calling an API from an other external service (other product). After tracking all times, the user can order a report via the external API. This order will be ...
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  • Empty SKProductsRequest response on review

    Hi! I've implemented In-App-Purchase feature for the app and tested it both in local and TestFlight builds using several devices in different counties and everything works fine. I receive SKProduct and make puchase w...
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  • In-app purchases for 100s of digital product?

    Hi there,   I am building an app which will have a single subscription plan for users to purchase to access premium content. For this we will be using Apple in-app purchase.   Concern We are also planni...
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  • subscription do not renews in SandBox

    Our Server always receive about DID_FAIL_TO_RENEW when first subscription
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  • Can sandbox renew subscription now?

    I tried multi sandbox account and read this post: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/130456   We have the same problem for some accounts: DID_FAIL_TO_RENEW and the expiration_intent = 4 (The product was n...
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    created by csvwolf
  • not receiving server-to-server notifications in sandbox since 3/19

    We had our subscription status url set up and had been receiving server-to-server notifications in sandbox for months until 3/19 JPT.  Since then they just stopped coming in.  Seems like a problem on Apple's...
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    created by crauss77
  • Cross-platform subscriptions

    Hi,   I'm creating an app which allows users to register with my service on any number of devices (web, Android, Roku, iOS, Apple TV), and then purchase a monthly subscription to watch video content. The subscri...
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  • Receipts not being updated for auto-renewing subscriptions

    I am developing a Mac app that will support In-App Auto-Renewable Subscriptions. The problem I am having is that the receipt is never updated after a renewal period goes by. For example, if I launch the app and purcha...
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  • Auto-renewable subscriptions: 'is_in_intro_offer_period' in the local receipt with free trial period

    Hi,   In short: 1. Is the 'is_in_intro_offer_period' field in the local receipt will be 'true' if the subscription is in the trial period? 2. What is the right way to define from local receipt (not using serve...
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  • Different Hash In App Store Receipt

    I'm trying to create a Mac application, and be gentle on me as this is my first attempt! Essentially transferring what I've done on iOS to the Mac and it's almost ready to go with one part remaining - App Store verifi...
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    created by Symanski
  • Subscription never renews on Sandbox

    Hi, We're experiencing an issue where the subscription never renews on Sandbox no matter what we try. There is always 1 in app purchase (the original purchase) in the purchase receipt. To confirm we didn't miss a r...
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    created by nkonstas
  • IAP receipt validation - sandbox env changes

    Seems like there were some changes made to the receipt validation's sandbox environment behaviors since around a week ago.   1) when a subscription product is purchased, I get the prompt asking whether I want to...
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  • Promotional Offer

    Dear all,   I'm an iOS developer and implementing subscription offer in my application but i'm having concerns while developing the feature. My concern is that if user cancels subscription but it's still in subs...
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  • How to remove obsolete Subscription Groups in IAP

    Is there a way to remove Subscription groups?  I am new to IAP and created a bunch of subscription groups that I no longer want to use.  To prevent all the clutter, I would like to remove the unused groups. ...
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