• Calendar date incorrect for some ISO8601 durations

    When testing some code which parses an Iso8601 duration string and generates a TimeInterval, I came across some interesting behavior, which I take to be bug, but I may have missed some setup which would set things rig...
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  • CardDAV - empty Response

    Hello,   I try to get all contacts from an iCoud Account...   First I run:   < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> < d:propfind xmlns:d="DAV: ">     < d:prop > ...
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  • Cannot delete EKCalendar: Domain=EKErrorDomain Code=72

    I have been fighting this one for the last 4 months! Has anyone seen this error (MacOS - 10.15.3) and knows how to get around it. I just want to programatically create and delete iCloud calendars from my Mac, using...
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    created by wastebasket
  • Access to Reminders after iOS13

    Hello, We would like to ask regarding how to access to iCloud Reminders after iOS13.   We use Http WebRequest API to access iCloud Reminders and Calendars CalDav server. In general, for accessing both iCloud R...
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  • Programmatically set reminder when getting out of car

    Hello! With the recent versions of iOS inside the app Reminders we can now create a reminder that will get shown at a location and if you select this option you can then choose the location you want, being it a real ...
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  • ekeventeditcontroller is not sending invite mails to invitees for the event created randomly

    Hi i am creating events in my calendar using the native ekeventeditcontroller. However when i am adding invitees, for some emails a question mark is shown on the side and when the event creation is done, the invite ma...
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    created by sujithanto
  • EKReminder URL property is nil

    Quick question... how do I set the URL of a reminder?   In the Reminders app, user can add a URL when they create a reminder. There's also a "url" property in EKCalendarItem (parent class of EKReminder). ...
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    created by billibala
  • Time Machine API

    Hi   Does Time machine expose some API in order to contraol it using swift ?
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    created by olivier.pieri
  • iOS 13 crash creating reminders

    I'm seeing a crash when I attempt to create a new reminder. The crash is in Beta 5 of Xcode 11 / iOS 13. I'm not doing anything special to create a reminder:   let store = EKEventStore() EKReminder(eventStore: ...
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  • EKEventEditViewController is presented with a disabled Add button

    I'm also having the issue which is well described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58781640/ekeventeditviewcontroller-is-presented-with-a-disabled-add-button   This behaviour has changed in iOS 13 - pr...
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  • EKCADErrorDomain Code=1013

    When I run the following code while the Reminders app has never been used, I get an error that says: Error getting all calendars: Error Domain=EKCADErrorDomain Code=1013 "(null)"        ...
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  • Using EKReminder slows down the operation of the app.

    Using EKReminder slows down the operation of the app.   Occurs on iOS 13 or later devices. It does not occur on iOS 13 or earlier.   is there any method to fix this bug?
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    created by kurajun
  • What is the "too many connections to calaccessd" error and how do I avoid it?

    Recently in Xcode 11 / iOS 13 Beta 5 I'm getting this error about calaccessd, which also results in EventKit basically stopping to work (can't query stores and can't create new reminders). Can someone shed some light ...
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  • How to check if reminder is currently active?

    How would I check to see if a reminder in iOS is currently showing, whether it be in the lock screen or the screen while the device is unlocked?
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    created by ShinehahGnolaum
  • Event store intermittently loses calendars and events

    EKEventStore methods sometimes return fewer calendars or events than expected.   I allocate an EKEventStore and query it for calendars and events. I also register for various notifications, including EKEventStor...
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  • 'init(accessToEntityTypes:)' is unavailable

    I am following the instructions to initialize EKEventStore, but I get a code time error at the following line:     let eventStore = EKEventStore(accessToEntityTypes: .reminder)   The error message...
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  • Is it possible to combine UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger and UNCalendarNotificationTrigger for UNNotificationTrigger?

    I want to make for example a weekly notification every monday and wednesday every two weeks. (Or is there any other way to achieve this?)   Thank you for every response!
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    created by apppro
  • EKEventEditViewController doesn't show recent events.

    I integrated EKEventEditViewController on my calendar app. When I type some text on the title field, it is supposed to show matched events with title. If you use iCal and type title, you can see the search result belo...
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    created by kosuel
  • caldav/carddav recordDetailsForAttributes

    Hi, I ran into the the following problem, while setting up the Open Source Apple Calendar Server.   The CalDav part had no problems, but the CarDav part produced a lot of 500 (Internal Server Errors). The logf...
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  • Cannot access the properties of EKCalendar in iOS12.2 when using global queues.

    This code do not access the EKCalendar property, but it did not occur before updating iOS to 12.2 from 12.1.   let eventStore: EKEventStore = EKEventStore() let myCalendar: EKCalendar? = eventStore.getCal(id: ca...
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