• [URGENT] 3rd Party Password Manager Autofill in Safari Freezes on iOS 13.4 due to inconsistent View lifecycle

    Hi,   [EMERGENCY FIX NEEDED. ALL iOS 13.4 USERS ARE FACING FREEZE DUE TO THIS AND HAVE RATED THE APP NEGATIVELY]   The 3rd Party Password Autofill feature provided by Authentication Services has a weird is...
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  • How to make the extension's base URI unchanged after restarting Safari

    Hello,   I've filled a radar about this issue: FB7597364 but I'm wondering if anyone has a reliable workaround for this issue.   I have made a Safari app extension which allows users to suspend tabs. Unfor...
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  • Lock and unlock Preferences fields

    I use the macOS beta 10.15.4 (19E264b)   A piece of malware changed my default opening site to some other (browser hijack)   I used malwarebyte, following Apple's preconisations, but still the preference p...
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  • How do I connect a JavaScript source map file to a web inspector debug session sir safari ios

    I am working on a JavaScript webapp for iOS. I can connect to safari via web inspector and see the mini died obfuscated code. I have the map files next to the js files. I have the develop menu available , obviously. I...
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    created by adorner
  • Overriding new tab page via extension

    Apologies if this has been answered - I've spent some time searching but can't find anything.   I want to build a 'dashboard' type extension that modifies the new tab page. As an example everything the user open...
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    created by kmcgrady
  • Crashing on exception: Extension context of class NSExtensionContext has not supplied an auxiliary connection host protocol

    Hey, my Safari Extension crashes every so often with the following crash log. I have absolutely no idea why and when it happens, but when it happens once, it crashes instantly when I am trying to reactivate the extens...
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  • Neither getStateOfSafariExtension nor getStateOfContentBlocker work

    Can't get status of my Safari extension and content blocker on macOS Catalina. Both SFSafariExtensionManager.getStateOfSafariExtension and SFContentBlockerManager.getStateOfContentBlocker always return false.   ...
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  • [Extensions] Not enabling extensions due to security measures [10.15.3]

    [Extensions] Not enabling extensions due to security measures   I just started seeing this message in the debug log after upgrading to OSX 10.15.3 and/or Xcode 11.3.1.   I am no longer able to run my Safar...
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  • What is a SafariFamily file and why can't it be deleted from the trash?

    Deleted Safari Technology Preview that was released today for space issues on my drive. There continues to be a problem that I am unable to solve. There's a file in the trash that cannot be deleted. It name "SAFARIFAM...
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  • UIWebview + iFrame loading powerbi report in Cordova iOS app

    Hi, Our iOS application is using cordova and we are embedding the powerbi reports in a div tag and it is creating an iframe internally. We are able to view the report in safari browser in an ipad but when we view it...
  • Custom sidebar content

    Reading the documentation i see nothing about the sidebar, so i assume it is not possible (yet) to add eg a custom sidebar tab. Are there any plans on supporting that via extensions?
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    created by SidneyB
  • iOS13 supports Webauthentication feature.

    I tried FIDO2 registration on webauthn demo site provided by yubico. But when I start registration procedure, follwoing pop up message was shown and nothing happend after that.   "Inser your security key or bri...
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  • Anyway to change NFC FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari with short APDU format

    Now Safari send the U2F Reg/Auth commands in Extended length APDU command format for this feature through NFC. https://fidoalliance.org/specs/fido-u2f-v1.2-ps-20170411/fido-u2f-nfc-protocol-v1.2-ps-20170411.html Is ...
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  • can't add card in India for sandbox tester account?

    I want to test sand box tester account for apple pay as I have created account on behalf USA ?
  • Display NSPanel from within SFSafariExtensionHandler

    On MacOS 10.13 we could display an NSPanel from within SFSafariExtensionHandler as follows: func showPanel(_ message:String) -> NSPanel {         let panel:NSPanel = NSPanel() ...
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  • how to do tab management

    Hi, all        We are trying to migrate our old safari extension to new app extension. In our our extension, we have the tabs managment mechanism that we can cope with different webpage...
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  • Is it possible to create a website push ID for safari push notifications automated or with a wildcard?

    I want to provide Safari Push Notifications for different web shops. To be able to use the Safari Push Notifications a website push id and a certificate are needed. The website push id is registered at apple and the c...
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  • Creating Web Archive for page from Safari Extension

    I'd love to find a way to programmatically create a Web Archive from a page that's currently open in Safari.   A new public API to do just this was recently exposed on `WKWebView` in the WebKit project, which ho...
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  • Forcing iOS Safari to share as Web Archive

    Safari in iOS 13 has gained the ability to share web pages as Web Archives. By default, share options are set to Automatic however, which explains that it will "pick the most suitable format for each app or action". W...
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    created by martijnwalraven
  • SafariServices API to set user agent

    As far as I am aware it is not possible to change the user agent via javascript in Safari 13, and I was not able to find anything in the SafariServices documentation. Is this possible?
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