• SafariServices API to set user agent

    As far as I am aware it is not possible to change the user agent via javascript in Safari 13, and I was not able to find anything in the SafariServices documentation. Is this possible?
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  • URL disappears after 3 characters

    When I enter "esd" in the URL bar of Safari, it suggests the URL esdipherecoordi.info and then it disappears completely.   What is this? I can't find much about esdipherecoordi.info.
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    created by lucasrotterdam
  • Extension permissions? Does NOT need to read sensitive information

    I could not find any way to create an extension with permissions to read the URL without also asking for permission to read the FULL DOM including passwords.   A user sent me this screen shot showing an AD BLOCK...
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  • "does not have permission to read, modify or transmit content from any webpages" even when Level set to All

    Extensions Preferences is saying "Extension does not have permission to read, modify or transmit content from any webpages." but I've set SFSafariWebsiteAccess Level to All as per https://developer.apple.com/documenta...
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  • Can injected scripts add rules to injected stylesheets?

    In normal javascript, it seems like it's possible to select a particular stylesheet and add a rule to it via .addRule(...). Yet, it doesn't seem my injected script has access to my injected stylesheet because console....
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  • Messages sent from the safari app extension background code get lost.

    Hello,   I've been fiddling with safari app extensions and I've found the following issue: While the messages sent from the content scripts are always sent to the background code (Swift in my case) when calling ...
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  • An apple script to simply clear Safari..

    Hi there... Im looking for help getting a small Script Editor app to function properly.   This app simply opens Safari and then clicks the "Clear History..." button so that each new session is started with a fre...
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  • Impossible to localize SFSafariContextMenu

    I'm trying already for several hours to localize the single menu item in the Info.plist file SFSafariContextMenu -> Item 0 -> Text. I replaced the value of the text by CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS.   T...
  • How to ask for LESS permissions?

    Permissions for Safari extensions seems to allow for only browsing history AND Webpage contents such as passwords and whatever else.   What if we only need to URL from certain domains?   Never reading the ...
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    created by jtayler
  • Maintain the background process running as long as the Safari process is alive

    In the current Safari App Extension framework the background Swift process can be removed by the OS at any point while Safari is still running. This creates multiple issues: 1. You cannot store any state about the ta...
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  • Should I worry about Safari shutting down roughly 30 seconds after building and running my app extension?

    I'm in the process of porting over the logic from the background scripts of a Chrome/Firefox web extension to a Safari App Extension. I'm very new to Xcode, so it's taking some time learning how to interpret and confr...
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  • Detect if iOS app is installed in safari browser through javascript

    Dear Team,   I am trying to add App Promotion to my website using Custom URL scheme with Javascript. If the App is installed on the device, it shows one popup of opening the app. But if app is not installed, i g...
  • Checking if a tab is playing audio

    Hello,   Chrome and Firefox tab object contains a property called audible which is either true/false depending if that particular tab has produced sound over the past couple of seconds.   Is there such thi...
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  • How to install and enable Safari App Extension silently

    Does anyone know how to install and enable Safari App Extension? When I run containing app at the first time, I can see my extension shows up in Preferences->Extension list, but it's not 'Checked'. I have to manual...
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  • Should I build extesion with Xcode or Safari extension builder

    I am totally new to developing an extension for Safari. In this https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/Tools/Conceptual/SafariExtensionGuide/Introduction/Introduction.html It says I should build e...
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  • A stable identifier for a tab in Safari App Extensions

    Hello. Is there a way to get a stable ID for tabs in the Safari App Extensions? I want to store/cache some information about each tab in the global page (namely on page load) and retrieve it later (on a tab button cli...
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  • Can I send a http request in iPhone Safari extension?

       func itemLoadCompletedWithPreprocessingResults(_ javaScriptPreprocessingResults: [String: Any]) {         let configuration = URLSessionConfiguration.background(withIde...
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  • fullscreen API not working in IPhone safari and chrome browser

    Hi,   I am developing html page with fullscreen API request using javascript, But in IPhone fullscreen API request is not working both safari and chrome browser. Please suggest to get full screen API response in...
  • How to detect safari app extension first time install event?

    Is there any event to detect the first time installation of safari app extension and extension add/remove event?   Also, Will Userdefaults will be cleared if safari app extension disabled?
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  • Safari 13 Extensions

    Hello, I have a question for APPLE, Can you tell me why you disabled all extensions except extensions that you 'APPROVED' You also said that extensions which isn't from appstore is killing safari and it slowing dow...
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    created by ckomi