• can an Egyptian living in Egypt apply?

    i am an Egyptian student ,studying computer science at Helwan University in Egypt , and i am looking forward to applying i just want to know if i am eligible for applying or not, thanks in advance..
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  • Launching app with ipa ?

    Hi everyone, I have generated an .ipa of my app and have install it onto my device and I want to run it without extracting source code, is it possible ? To run the app I need the .xcodeproj but as it is compressed,...
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  • iPhone has denied the launch request.

    Since yesterday, I am running into "iPHone has denied the launch request." every time I try to run the app.   I searched and read many related discussions, but none of their solutions seem to work for me. I even...
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  • Anyone want to share accomodation for WWDC?

    Anyone going to WWDC and want to share accomodation? I got transferred a ticket from a colleague from who can no longer make it... Ill be flying in from Australia. I've penciled in a 5.2 star **** hole motel for $999 ...
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  • How to join WWDC now

    Can some one tell me what to do to join wwdc now I am no programmer but a tech idea specialist I will be most useful I have many ideas in development of accessories and web especially
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  • Multiple languages

    have an app called iFoodie. It promotes restaurants worldwide on Apple app store and Google play store.  My website is www.ifoodieapp.com. I have started working on LOCALIZATION aspect. With the app so complex, I...
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  • KMT, who are you?

    Username KMT has been really active on the scholarship forum. I wonder if this person is an Apple employee, and provides accurate and trustworthy inforamation rgarding the scholarship.
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  • Playground running on Mac but crashing on Ipad

    My playgorund is running a-ok on my mac using x-code,but when i try to run it on a ipad pro(or any other), the screen turns black with the loading symbol and i am taken to the lock screen to input my password, and aft...
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  • How am I able to cancel my flight?

    Hello,   I booked the wrong flight to SFO a couple of hours ago. I want to cancel this flight and get a new one. How can I do this easily?   Thanks for help! Benjamin
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  • Air Transportation Assistance Textbox

    Hi there. I was wondering what I should write in the Textbox under the "Air Transportation Assistance" Section. Thanks for helping, Niklas
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  • Can we use WWDC 19 assets?

    Hello,   I was wondering if we are allowed to use the images/assets from https://developer.apple.com/wwdc19/ in our scholarship submissions.   Is this included in public domain or is it covered under just ...
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  • Can WWDC Scholarship winners check-in to the dorms Sunday morning?

    Hi, I just recieved a WWDC Scholarship, but have conflicts that would make it hard to fly in on Saturday. Is there a strict deadline for checking in to the dorms, or would it be possible to arrive on Sunday morning? I...
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    created by njsesti20
  • Playground crashes on XCode 10.2 but not 10.1

    Hi, I submitted my scholarship application on Sunday and it worked perfectly fine on my MacBook Pro with XCode 10.1. I updated to XCode 10.2 earlier today and when trying to run my playground, it simply crashes with "...
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  • Scholarship statuses have been sent.

    Thank you to everyone who applied for a WWDC19 Scholarship. We received a record-breaking number of incredible Swift playgrounds, and we truly appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm. Your scholarship status has ...
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  • How many submissions are there this year for the scholarship application?

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    created by Hengyu
  • Open-sourcing playground

    Are we allowed to push our Playgrounds on a public repo on Github or should we wait until decisions are made on April 15th?
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  • What time will they start notifying about our status?

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  • Good Luck Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone who submitted their playgrounds as we will finally find out if we won a scholarship or not tomorrow. Good Luck!!!
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  • iOS 12.2 breaks my app

    Today I upgraded my iPad to iOS 12.2 and found that certain upgrades to SceneKit / Metal caused some of the details in my playground to be rendered incorrectly. So I just want to ask which version of iOS is going to b...
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  • Azure Login as Native App

    Hi,   I am doing a Xamarin Forms App in which I came across an issue with the Login with Azure. The Client company has some conditional policy and the Microsoft Support team has instructed to send the UDID of ...
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