• shader debugger - unable to find library source

    Hi,   Xcode's Metal shader debugger hasn't been working for me for a while now. I think it started around Catalina beta, then worked for a day or two at some point, and then again not. It is simply dysfunctional...
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  • Is it possible to compile and run iOS Metal apps in simulator?

    I have developed an iOS application that uses Metal framework. Till now I have not been able to run the application in simulator. Currently I am using XCode 7.1 and the OS X version is 10.10.5 (Yosemite)   Now t...
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  • Developer relations?

    Hi,   We develop a professional creativity software that has some fairly non-trivial Metal shaders. We have a user-base in the thousands - not massive, but decent. It's an expensive software for a niche industry...
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  • Data race-free memory-access-pattern in compute-kernels?

    Hi,   my assumption was that it should be possible to read / write to an array without the need of atomics by creating threadgroups of the size (threadExecutionWidth, 1, 1) and using the thread_index_in_threadgr...
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  • Metal Performance Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 vs AMD Radeon Pro 555X

    My MacBook Pro 2018 has two GPUs: AMD Radeon Pro 555X and Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630. I supposed the AMD 555X would be superior in performance compared to the Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630.   However, I observed a ...
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  • Metal Performance on iPhone XR

    Hi everyone!   I have a kernel Metal function which basically looks like this:   struct Matrix {     half arr[562500]; //enough to store 750x750 matrix };  struct Output {  ...
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    created by SuperCoolEugene
  • Inconsistent framerate between runs (macOS)

    The past few days I've been attempting to solve a bewildering bug: sometimes, for no apparent reason, my Metal-based game will suffer severe performance problems as soon as the app opens, and that sluggishness persist...
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    created by TheSpydog
  • Using MPSImageLaplacianPyramid for image processing

    Hello there,   I've been going through attempting to implement some image processing techniques that require the use of creating a Laplacian Pyramid. Now I'm not exactly sure that MPSImageLaplacianPyramid is com...
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  • GPU usage constantly high after MPS test program

    I did a very simple test using Metal PerformanceShaders. It is basically a MPSMatrixMultiplication. I compiled it in Terminal with 'swiftc matrixMul.swift' Then you get the executable called matrixMul. Now, execute...
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  • Second Render Encoder Causing Artefacts on iOS Devices

    My code initially renders to a texture then I use a blit command encoder to copy that texture to a new empty one. Then in the same rendering pass, I create a new encoder and pass this texture in as an argument. The co...
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    created by C5FlyingSquad
  • iOS 13, iPad Pro now says hardware does not support read-write texture?

    I have some code that used to run on my iPad Pro. Today I compiled it for iOS 13, with Xcode 11, and I get errors like this:      validateComputeFunctionArguments:834: failed assertion `Compute Functio...
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  • except for vertex|fragment|kernel functions in metal shader, how to define functions with a referenced parameter

    When porting some basic OpenGL ES 2.0 shader to Metal shader, I don't know how to convert the in/inout/out qualifier in glsl to metal shader language(MSL). For example,   //OpenGL vertex shader   ...  ...
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  • Do iOS Metal devices have hardware support for ETC2/EAC formats

    We’re using PVRTC compressed textures pretty widely on iOS. ASTC is on the horizon but while we’re metal-only, we’re still supporting some devices that don’t support ASTC so we’re holding...
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    created by Columbo
  • Metal pre-multiplies alpha on iOS but not macOS?

    Hi! I'd just like to know if what we are seeing is correct, and if there is a way to change this behavior.   It looks like whenever we load a PNG using MTKTextureLoader, the resulting pixels are pre-multiplied ...
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  • Vertex buffer issue

    Hi Guys,   Got an issue that is halting progress. I have dug around on the internet and other than finding a couple of people who are having the same issue, no sign of a solution.   When I bind a shader fo...
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  • How much geometry can you render in memoryless render pass?

    I've got an iOS application that renders a lot of geometry. (Lots of objects and in most cases multiple instances of those objects)  The app was previously running using OpenGL ES 3.0.  I'm just starting in ...
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    created by Lob Web Chip
  • GPU frame capture fails with argument buffer

    I'm developing Metal app for a while.   This time I decided to make use of argument buffers to handle complex scenes. I managed to get things working but once I start GPU frame capture, the replayer terminates ...
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    created by e-zuka
  • Create MTLRenderPipelineState failed when set a compiler flag of a .metal file to -std=ios-metal2.0

    Some new features were release with metal2.0 . For example , I want to use MTLArguementBuffer in my project.     The deployment target for my project is iOS10.  There are some .metal files in my projec...
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  • Internal Error (IOAF code -536870211)

    We have an application which generates occasionally this error on command buffer scheduled (and completion):   Internal Error (IOAF code -536870211)   This occurs when running on an iMac, Late 2012, with a...
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  • How to test in a shader if a texture is null

    The setTexture() method of a MTLComputeCommandEncoder allows us to use nil as a parameter. How can I check in the kernel function if the texture parameter is nil or not?   In the documentation I see there is a ...
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