• want auto-renewable tutorial in objective-c?

    I have tried swift tutorial but,i was unable to implement that in objective-c? Problems that i got after implementing that:- 1)I have added in-app product on i-tunes. 2)I am fetching those products and also purchas...
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  • What kind of device would need a person who does Motocross police patrols in the Bay Area?

    Since a few years on Facebook, I push for the creation in the Bay Area of a Motocross police patrol. I am trying to invent a device, or many, for a patroller to be able to communicate fast and easy, in a secure way, w...
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  • Tableview Custom Cell

    Hello, I am a beginner at iOS app development. Currently, I am developing a to-do list app. I am having some trouble putting a static image into a dynamic table view cell. When I do so, I get the following error: &ldq...
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    created by Abhijeet_Shah
  • Corporate training app - reports

    I have a corporate training app built in Unity3D.  It is designed to be used by all employees in a company.  The company training administrator needs to view reports showing employee progress - time in cours...
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  • Is HealthKit included in the iOS Developer University Program?

    Hi - I am receiving the following error when trying to build the "Fit" example that uses Healthkit - "Your development team, (My School Name), does not support the HealthKit capability."   I have no trouble bui...
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  • No Object Library in Xcode 11.2.1

    Hi, I've just installed Xcode 11.2.1, and am trying to start a new app. I opened a new single view file, but when I went to ViewController.swift, I get a specified apple device size, not a generic editor like it shoul...
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  • Store users info?

    ok I want to create this social media type app but I don't know how to or where to go to store customers info such as usernames and passwords for the app, can someone tell me how to?
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  • From iOS 12.2 and above, URL Redirections are not happening in WebView. How to resolve it?

    From iOS 12.2 and above, URL Redirections are not happening as expected when it is clicked by button or even with an event listener.   -> Redirection is not happening in webview from iOS 12.2 .   UI Pa...
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  • Xcode 11 and Intro to App Development in iBooks

    When will the Intro to App Development with Swift book in iBooks be updated to match the new Xcode 11 Interface and code?  Some of my students have already updated Xcode and the code/interface for the Main Storyb...
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  • Random problem

    //An error appears in the code. I'm an aspiring developer. Learn. The application uses UITextField to enter the minimum and maximum range of numbers. Then a random number from this range should be written to the Label...
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  • Problem with main.storyboard

    Hello. Please tell me, I accidentally deleted main.storyboard then took it out of the trash, and back inserted into the program code. But right not moccasin letter m, and is worth "?". And when you turn on the applica...
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    created by RomanBeginner
  • Is this crucial to have newest apple device to make an app for iso 12 or later ?

    I have  MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) macos sierra 10.13.6 and i wanna know that, Can I make an app with this device for latest version of ios like ios 12 ?
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  • Error: Type "ToDo' has no members

    I am working on the guided project in Chapter 4 of  App Developement with Swift.  I have entered the following code from the tutorial:       override func viewDidLoad() {   &#...
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  • What do you think of the new book?

    Apple has released a new book on learning to programming - AP® Computer Science Principles with Swift.   What do you think about it?
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    created by John368
  • Development with accessibility in mind

    It has been a while since I started thinking about making my next application accessible for blind users. It is extreamely diffcult to find resources to get started in accessible design. I thought that I am not the on...
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  • PDF Viewer AppleTV

    Hey, i want to develope and App witch could view our representation plan. Die Plan you can find in online. The App should run as a single view app on all Apple TVs and should view two PDF's (one on the left and the o...
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    created by Max_9123
  • App Development with Swift. Lesson 3A.2 Introduction to SceneKit

    Hi, I study Augmented Reality and have some questions. On page 459 author of this textbook say to add a new node with next code:   let node = SCNNode() node.position = SCNVector3(0.0, 0.2, 0.0)  Please tell...
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    created by John368
  • self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil) not working

    Hello,   I am trying to use self.dismiss funtion for my app. From the menu button,  when clicked on an option, the app goes to new View Controller but from there when I try to close the VC and return to my ...
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  • how to access default value of a core data entity?

    how to access default value of a core data entity? For example, I have created an entity called Progress which has three attributes; id, project and week. In case my attribute list is empty, I want to fetch the defaul...
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  • Intro to app development with Swift: Lesson 17.3 error

    Hello,   i'm currently working through the book Intro to app development with Swift. At the moment i'm working on Lesson 17.3: Multiple Actions & Outlets.   I can built the app and run it in the simula...
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