• Is MDM required for Apple Business Manager?

    From what I've read, we can use Apple Business Manager to setup MDM server and ditribute private apps.   If we're only interested in distributing a private app to internal employees, is it required to setup and...
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    created by victor288
  • Notarisation of Java Application with embedded JRE

    We have a Java Application with an embedded JRE. It is distributed as a DMG File. After signing this DMG file, including nested context using the --deep flag, the check of the signature using codesign command is succ...
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    last modified by ThomasOettl
  • apple business manager federated account icloud storage

    i federated azure with apple business manager. understand that icloud storage from apple school manager is 200gb.   what about apple business manager? icloud storage is 5gb? any way we can buy more?
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    created by njr89
  • App Submit : Apple Business Manager option disabled

    We are planning to submit our app to appstore through 'Available for private distribution to specific organizations on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager ' option. So that our app is only available through...
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    last modified by appledev@irononetech.com
  • MDM Cert request enablement for B2C application (Parental Control)

    Hi, Its been over 6 months since I requested apple developer support to enable MDM CSR for me to start developmet for a parental control app for B2C use case. Since than I have been directed to go in circles by appl...
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    created by kiddoware
  • Signin to Apple developer portal using third-party SSO

    Our client has their own single sign-on facility which they would like to make use in order to provide access to the apple developer portal (where the app id, cert and provisioning profiles managed). Is there a way th...
  • lock down apple developer portal

    I would like to know whether it is possible to lock down the access to apple developer portal within our organization network. some third party services do provide dedicated URL with the company name on it and let us ...
  • iOS - Networkextension app-proxy : Error : Payload contains ignored fields

    Hi,   I am trying to make the apple's own sample SimpleTunnel to work in dev device(NO MDM for now).   Goal : Trigger AppProxyProvider in per-app VPN scenario Given : no MDM available for development, hen...
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    created by chandra_voxsmart
  • How do I use macOS Server's Profile Manager to create a SystemExtensions payload?

    The SystemExtensions payload is new to macOS 10.15 and described here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/devicemanagement/systemextensions com.apple.system-extension-policy is the payload type   How do...
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    created by gdeff
  • Using Apple Profile Manager for User Enrollment

    I unfortunately couldn't find any info about this but it seems Apple's own MDM solution 'Profile Manager' doesn't support the new User Enrollment feature? Is this correct?
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    created by dve-dev
  • What is the minimum xcode version required for in-house/ad-hoc distributions?

    "Starting April, 2020, all apps submitted to the App Store will need to be built with Xcode 11. Xcode 11 requires macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or later." Does this impact in-house adhoc distribiutions of apps using an enterp...
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  • Distribute custom app from business manager outside your country

    We would like to distribute our custom apps outside our country (NL to SWE) with a redemption code. But when the employee in Sweden will try to download it with the URL i have created from te business manager it says ...
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    created by jkers987
  • MDM profile created to whitelist system extension not working on 10.15.1 and above

    We had created a JAMF MDM profile to whitelist our product's system extension and provide it Full Disk Access (FDA). The system extension whitelisting was done on the basis of Team ID and Bundle ID. This profile worke...
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    last modified by nandini177
  • No natarize when sending .pkg

    Hi.   I am signing myApp with my Developer Id Application, without problems. I checked with codeign --verify --verbose (path} each ".app" and it is also correct   I use "Packages installer" to create myAp...
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    created by AlfonsoIdem
  • Over the air Enterprise distribution doesn’t work

    Hi,   I hope that someone can help me with this because I am desperate. I have been distributing our apps with over the air enterprise distribution before without any problems. The problems started after I insta...
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    last modified by alexbet
  • VPP Redeemable Codes in Different Countries

    Hi all. I hope that someone is able to provide some advice:   We create custom apps for various businesses and their partners. We can't distribute these apps on the app store as they're custom B2B apps. We don't...
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    last modified by TAB_Developer
  • Certificate Not Valid iPadOS 13.3

    I have an app written that has been working for over 3 years.  The app is installed via OTA.  Was contacted by user yesterday with an iPad Air 3rd generation with ipados 13.3 and the app will not install on ...
  • Follow Tutorial to test but my enterprise account got banned

    Hi all, My company hired me to develop and maintain our company app for industry chain support propose in our local area network. I was a individual ios developer and only has App store experience, therefore I follow...
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    created by caiAdam
  • Correct distribution option for simple cross-company app?

    Hello,   so the general idea of the app is to track multiple mobile devices via GPS and show them on an other "admin" device on a map. The app should start as a prototype, but it is possible that the app will la...
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    last modified by Silagon
  • Distribute via Apple Business Manager in a country where the app is not present on the app store

    Hi, we have a business application that is present on the app store only for certain countries. One of our clients wants to use Apple Business Manager to download the application on a country where it is not distrib...
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    created by oni.zerone