• Query related to privacy protection changes in Catalina

    Hi Eskimo, Need your help for a query related to privacy protection changes in Catalina..   We noticed that with the latest privacy related changes in Catalina, our processes don't have access to desktop/docum...
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  • container volumes

    where can i post questions about containers ?   I'm trying to understand the effect of addition OS container voumes within the container. For example to create a dual boot mojave/catalina how can i make sure tha...
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  • COPYFILE with Swift ?

    I've looked for a while and maybe it's my search parameters but can't find doing this with Swift (5). An example I've looked at I need to translate somehow ... https://searchcode.com/file/101621017/OpenEmu/OEFileManag...
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  • Reliable test for Full Disk Access?

    On Mojave, my app needs a way to determine if the user has already added the app to the "Full Disk Access" list in System Preferences. (And if not, instruct him to do so).   So far I've been using the following ...
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  • Saving file to desktop from macOS app

    I've been trying to save the output of a macOS app to my desktop. This is the code I'm using to do so:   let homePath = FileManager.default.homeDirectoryForCurrentUser let desktopPath = homePath.appendingPathComp...
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  • macOS 10.14.6 doesn't install well on MacBook Pro with not original SSD

    Hi! I tried to install new patch 10.14.6 on my MacBook Pro ( Mid 2015, 15'' ).   History: At the end of update I saw question mark folder. I looked up in Internet and saw solution in rebooting and login in into...
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    created by gaussblurinc
  • Filesystem APIs on Catalina exposing read-only/read-write volume split

    Already filed FB6758672   It was my impression from the WWDC sessions that the split between the read-only and read-write volumes in Catalina would be, for the most part, hidden. For instance, in Finder, /Applic...
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  • Disabling "Unix extensions" MacOS Sharing smbx

    According to smbutil the "unix support" is enabled on this share, I want to disable it, but fail with nsmb.conf or editing the plist for smbd.   Is there a way to disable it?   See below from terminal, smb...
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  • Implementing NSFileProviderExtension performAction method

    The performAction method is new and in beta. Documentation for these beta methods are sparse. My understanding is that this method is meant to replace many methods that are now depricated. How does one use the NSFi...
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    created by KabirKwatra alt
  • What is the appropriate way to get notified on DFS junction mount in smb server on Mac OS?

    We are watching for DFS target mounted on smb volume using NSWorkSpace’s NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification notification in our code. But didMount notification is inconsistent and not reliable. Only for the first t...
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  • I need to know how to run a command line tool with Launchctl that has full disk access?

    Other questions don't actually answer this question.   I have a command line application that needs to run with launchctl.  How do I configure the system to allow it to run with full disk access?   ...
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    created by khoyt
  • Intercept clicks on URLs

    What's the proper way to intercept clicks on URLs in apps? For example, when clicking on a web link in Mail.app, the standard behavior is to open the default browser. I want to create an application that handles these...
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  • Can't see App written file in iCloud Drive Documents?

    I followed the step in https://medium.com/ios-os-x-development/icloud-drive-documents-1a46b5706fe1   to write a file in iCloud drive Document directory, but I can't see the file there, why?
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  • “rpc struct is bad” iOS/iPadOS 13 SMB File Server

    I seem to be running into the error “The operation couldn’t be completed. RPC struct is bad” when attempting to connect to a SMB file share from an AirPort Extreme in iOS/iPadOS 13’s Files app....
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  • Swift how to implement macOS Finder's file downloading progress on file

    it's looks like this https://ibb.co/JysCH5v https://ibb.co/JysCH5v https://ibb.co/H45b9xN   I've reference from here Can you implement OS X's Finder download progress bars from a shell script? and here http...
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  • Cannot get contentsOfDirectory on AFP volume (MacOS)

    I am trying to use FileManager contentsOfDirectory(at:,includingPropertiesForKeys:,options:) to get the contents of the root level of an AFP mounted volume.  The call throws an exception.  Volume is mounted ...
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  • Offload MDM distributed apps

    Is it possible for MDM distributed apps to be offloaded? Is there any way to prevent an app to be exempt from offloading, if this option was enabled?
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    created by AnshuGupta
  • Calendar app will not add .ics (ical) file to calendar "This invitation data is out of date"

    Hello,   I am attempting to open ical files from within my app with the hope of being able to add events (of non-trivial complexity, involving recurrence etc.) to the user's calendar. However, after the file is ...
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  • Entitlement on macOS 10.15/Xcode 11

    A project built by Xcode 11 beta seems to always run with sandbox. Is there a way to turn it off? I added an entitlement and make the sandbox item as "false" but it does not eanble the file access.
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  • Filemanager file copy progress with cancel ?

    Not sure if I have to do this programmatically or if there is something I should specifically use but I want to display a Progress Indicator when copying / moving files including the ability to cancel ?   Also m...
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