• firmlinks creation private or accessible?

    I have been trying to add the ability to clone a Catalina System in my backup app code and have come up against the seemingly closed or hidden ApI for creating firmlinks.  I am able to recreate the System and Dat...
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  • tccd process stuck with file system filter

    Hello,   We have file system filter. Recently on Catalina macOS we found that following tccd related files are stuck at open call:   /private/var/folders/tb/jjk74dn51p5_vgz844dpvfbw0000gn/T/com.apple.tccd/T...
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  • aio on macOS

    is posix aio a good choice to do async file I/O on macOS? to avoid polling i want to specify a callback that is called when operation completes, is that possible at all?
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  • Syncing App Group files through iCloud

    We have an iOS application that is using a third party c library, which uses UNIX domain sockets to manage and save content to the device. We have found that this is possible by using Application Groups. We are now in...
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  • would like to access files in your Desktop/Document/Download folders

      I need how to access folders (Desktop/Document/Download)  programatically wihout  alert  i.e “Sample App” would  like to access files in your Desktop/Document/Download etc folders.
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  • API to mark files as duplicate?

    APFS currently supports copy-on-write and internally marking files as deltas of each other, which is great. This feature usually calls for two operations to be supported: cloning or reflinking, which is available on ...
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  • Unable to access "Documents" folder in ios 13 device

    Hello all, I have been able to use "itunesmobiledevice.dll" with ios versions 12 and below to successfully traverse 'Documents' folder location in ios devices. However, unable to do so with ios 13 device. Any help on ...
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  • How to query purgeable space?

    Scenario SSD: 500GB Used: 150GB Puregable 330GB     Attempt to install: 50GB -> Mac lies and says not enough "available space".     Let's say a user tries to install something and their dr...
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  • fs_snapshot_create required entitlements

    In `man fs_snapshot_create` is stated "All snapshot functions  require superuser privileges and also require an additional entitlement." Which entitlement is it?   Background: I want to write a tool to cr...
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  • FileVault is already off but cannot disable Secure Token

    Happy new year to everyone in Apple Dev Forum.   I use Mac mini late 2014 ~ late 2018 in the workplace. Last week, I tried user creation function in Chef 15's latest version, but failed because it tries to refr...
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  • How to use FileManager with admin permissions programmatically

    Hello,   I have a max os application that is supposed to copy files into /Library/Application Support folder. I found a piece of code that performs the authorization with authentication and even creates the rig...
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  • App access to chosen file's parent directory

    I have an app that needs access to the directory containing the file opened by the user. The workflow for creating a new app document is:   user selects a .plist file with info related to the new document app c...
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  • Directly access file from External drive without UIDocumentPickerViewController

    According to this: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/view_controllers/providing_access_to_directories iOS 13 adds the ability of UIDocumentPickerViewController to select a directory, including director...
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  • What is the maximum size limit of Documents Directory in an iPad Application?

    In our application we are looking forward to have a functionality to save the files in documents directory so that user can access it even when the device is offline. Each file can be of maximum size 50mb. So I wante...
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  • Regarding T2 chip installed iMac Pro disk image restoration

    Is T2 chip installed Mac became impossible to restore with using Mac disk image not equipped with T2 chip? When I restored in September 2018 and in March 2019, macOS had worked normally but when I restored in Septe...
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  • Duplicate Finder Sync menu items and process

    Hi all,   We have a non sandboxed mac app along with a finder sync app extension. The main goal for this Finder sync app extension is to monitor a folder and display contextual menu items when the user right cli...
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  • How do I ask for permission (from C) to scan a user's Documents Folder on Catalina

    Hello all,   I have a large application written in C that needs to be able to scan the contents of the user's Documents (and other) folder(s). I'm aware that this permision mechanism has changed in Catalina, but...
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  • Consistent crashes from basic file operations (Finder). Started during AppleScriptObjC app development.

    I thought at first this was just an AppleScript issue, but my crash today from trying to rename something on my desktop has proved that wrong, and pushed me to reaching out to try and find a cause. Now thinking this i...
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  • Rsync and operation not permitted

    We use rsync to backup a user's documents to a network share and I seem to have run into an issue having it run at login.   I can run the script below,  at the terminal prompt, without root access, and the ...
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  • MacOS freeze when call "NSFileCoordinator :: addFilePresenter" repeatedly

    MacOS freeze when call "NSFileCoordinator :: addFilePresenter" repeatedly.   Step: 1 We call the function NSFileCoordinator :: addFilePresenter to add monitoring files, the number of monitoring files exceeds 30,...
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