• Issue with the size of subtitles on Netflix.

    I am usingNetflix on an Apple TV 4K  I am using subtitles with my video apps and they are set at a custom size and syle (and video override is set to OFF). After updating to tvOS 13.3, the subtitles in Netflix a...
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  • netflix arabic subtitle on 13.3 beta 17k5449a

    i have problem with netflix arabic subtitle on 13.3 beta 17k5449a   the subtitle display is too huge only with arabic other lang don't have this problem only with netflix i change fonts and size in setting and d...
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    created by boftain
  • AT&T TV Now stutter when using airplay speakers

    Once installing the latest beta on my 4K, I get huge stuttering in AT&T TV Now when broadcasting audio to my AirServer speakers. This was not a problem prior to installing the latest beta (I was on the prior beta ...
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  • After AppleTV is upgraded to tvOS13, AVplayer(airplay) calls the replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem method to fail, can not playback

    1,First AVPlayer playback "url1" (airplay on appleTv; tvos13),after 5 minutes, I calls the replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem method to Switch to "url2", it does not work. 2,it should playback "url2"; it playback ...
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  • AppleTv Wireless Audio Sync with iPad (13.2 on both devices)

    Hi, shouldn’t it be possible to do the wireless audio sync with the iPad? AppleTV is only asking me to connect to an iPhone (it does not find the iPad). Both devices are one the 13.2 beta version.   greeti...
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    created by Gappo
  • imovie theater not working tvOS 13 beta

    When imovie is selected get cannot connect to iMovie Theater. (There may be a problem with your internet. Try again later.)
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  • Tip - Fix released TVOS 13 doesn't install

    If you have the TVOS 13 beta profile installed on your Appl TV 4k the released version will not be seen. Remove the profile in General/Profile and restart. The release version then downloads and updates from System/So...
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    created by keith teare
  • Apple TV 4K crashed need to be restore  tvOS 13

    I updated my Apple TV 4k without usb-c port using tvOS 13 beta 2 ota. Now my Apple TV 4K shows a warning triangle the provides a link to support.apple.com/appletv/restore. I was not able to restore the Apple TV. So I ...
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  • Underwater Screensaver

    So I put the GM on my 4K apple tv and thought, oh, let's see the underwater screensavers that were talked about at WWDC.  They're not there.  Just the arial ones.  Anyone else?
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    created by badideabear
  • imovies

    Cannot access iMovies in TVOS 13 All Betas. Anyone experiencing this?
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    created by TonySFL
  • TVML templates?

    Will there be new TVML templates that matches the new UI guidelines? Can't find any information.
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    created by plornt
  • App Store Issue - Can’t update apps

    Cconsistently getting "Can't Connect to App Store" with "Retry" button which recycles the same error message. #FB7024100
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    last modified by msnow
  • 17J5549c does not join home

    Went through the process of authorizing with a trusted device (iPhone Xs Max) but still seeing the "1" badge in Settings | Users and Accounts | Update Apple ID Settings. Seemed to complete properly. Subsequent attempt...
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  • New UITabBar style & behaviour

    Did anyome manage to change the new UITabBar style & behaviour back to what it was in tvOS 12? I tried to mess with the new standardAppearance property a bit... but no success.   I don't really mint the new ...
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    last modified by Jernej Fijacko
  • Error Installing tvOS beta 9

    Hi guys   I have the beta profile installed correctly, the ATV finds the update, I select to install the update and the update returns an error.    So, anyone have this issue too? Where can I downlo...
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    created by yumsmools
  • Hiding seekable time ranges on requiresLinearPlayback

    Good afternoon.   The current 12.4 implementation of displaying a player in an AVPlayerViewController with the requiresLinearPlayback flag set to true shows no visually represented seekable time ranges in the pl...
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    created by Triple Paul
  • Not connecting to macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 5

    Is anyone else having issues with macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 5 Apple TV libraries not connecting to tvOS13 beta? It says to make sure iTunes is open, but the new macOS beta has elininated iTunes. Help.
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  • Is UITabBarController completely broken in tvOS 13 beta 7?

    I can't even see a menu any more and very little in my app works.
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  • Beta Streaming freezing YouTube and DirecTV Now

    After installing the beta, after watching one YouTube video and trying to switch to anohter, just constantly get the spinning wheel.  as if it cannot finish loading the buffer.  sometimes pressing play/pause...
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    last modified by bmansc
  • Beta 5 Apple TV

    I Am trying to install beta 5 but the OTA says it's up to date but still running beta 4. I reinstalled the profile and still no good. Any suggestions?
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    last modified by Buck1127