• Failed with the error - User Interaction is required (-1004, LAErrorNotInteractive) ,  while generating signature In Action Extension app ( Safari)

    Our ios/IPadOS has an action extension for Safari Browser which uses SecKeyCreateSignature function to generate digital signature but in the latest 13.3 public beta it suddently stopped working and throwing the error ...
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    last modified by dipanshu.goyal
  • Unable to install iPadOS 13.3.1 beta 2

    So far I am unable to update my iPad Pro 9.7” to iPadOS 13.3.1 beta 2, either using OTA (Settings-General-Software Update) or downloading the restore image to my Mac.     When using OTA I get “U...
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    last modified by AnnArborMark
  • Exception… Attempted to access the table view's visibleCells while they were in the process of being updated, which is not allowed

    On iPadOS and iOS13 on a call to visibleCells on a UITableView ( on code which works fine on iOS9 to iOS12 ) I get an exception with the message   Attempted to access the table view's visibleCells while they wer...
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  • Apple Magic mouse 2 IpadOS

    Hi,   Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to pair through Bluetooth the Magic Mouse 2 with IpadOS? So far no success.
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  • UIDocumentPicker in iOS 13 will not support UTI for Folders

    iOS 13 has support for selecting and importing files inside of the UIDocumentPicker.   Initializing the document picker with UTIs for directory subtypes does not yet selectable folders inside of the document pic...
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  • UIUserInterfaceStyle light not work

    I set the key in info.plist, but the application continues to use the dark theme. Why?
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  • Keine Verbindung von MagicMouse mit iPad Pro

    Hallo, es ist von Apple echt peinlich, dass sich eine MagicMouse 1 oder 2 sich nicht mit dem iPad Pro (Face-ID) verbinden lässt.   Ich bin nach Anleitungen und Tutorials vorgegangen... Meine MagicMouse ega...
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    created by ikoerni
  • Bug when using ARKit with NavigationView

    I want to use ARKit with NavigationView. I couldn't do it. No error will occur, but the app will stop. Procedure: 1.Launch app 2.Show AR View 3.Return to the first screen 4.Open AR  View again 5.App stops...
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    created by st0321
  • Files App to FTP

    Trying to conenct to an FTP server from Files App (with server address and login credentials known to be correct) with no success. Files App will not accept ftp:// as prefix to server address; no prefix and smb:// pr...
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  • Is there a way for an app to get notified if a SD Card reader is plugged into the lightning port?

    Lets say my app is in the foreground and the user plugs in/out a SD Card reader with an SD Card into the iPad's lightning port. Is there a notification posted to the app when this event happens?
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  • iCloud Drive files missing

    Since updated to iPadOS, in the iCloud Drive on iPad I only find the shared Keynote or pages files, but none of the regular ones.   Any ideas on how to tell files to download again, the full set and not only the ...
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  • isIdleTimerDisabled does not work for multiple windows

    1. iPadOS 13 supports multiple windows.   2. isIdleTimerDisabled works for the 1st UIWindowScene only.   3. If the 1st UIWindowScene was moved to the background, there is no way to activate isIdleTimerDisa...
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  • UIDocumentPickerViewController with kUTTypeFolder - All 3rd party providers are greyed out

    When I use the UIDocumentPickerViewController with kUTTypeFolder I am only able to pick from the providers built-in to iOS/iPad OS, such as On My iPad, iCloud Drive, network shares and USB drives. As of beta 4, 3rd pa...
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    last modified by litkyle
  • viewWillAppear and modalview

    hi, with ios13 when i call dismiss of modalview not call viewWillAppear on bottom view, why? with ios12 works
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    last modified by Simone Pasetto
  • AVAudioEngine bug after media service rest

    On iPadOS13 all "AVAudioPlayerNodes" that are attached to an "AVAudioEngine" are over-released after a "Media Service Rest".   My application uses the "AVAudioEngine" similar to the "AVAudioEngine3DAudioExample"...
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    last modified by _maximilian_
  • Announce Messages with Siri

    It will annouce the message, but it will not listen for a response afterwards. Just reads the message and quits. Anyone else having this issue? This is beta 4
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  • Markup image can’t be passed to shortcuts as input via share sheet

    At some point in the iOS 13 beta cycle, my shortcuts that would manipulate an image passed from the markup share sheet broke. After troubleshooting, it became clear that shortcut actions were not passing the image as ...
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    created by Jurnero
  • [iOS 13 Beta 7] "Silent" notifications not received

    I am testing my production app on iOS 13 Beta 7 devices and also my development version on the same devices via XCode11 Beta 5 - I am noticing that "silent" push notifications (notifications without message, badge, or...
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    last modified by mharlow
  • Touch events are not propagated correctly with iPad Pro 3rd gen

    Hello everyone! I encountered an issue specific for iPad OS 13.x (13.0 and 13.1), iPad Pro 3rd Gen and XCode 11. The problem here is that the touch events are not propagated correctly to a WKWebView view that is beh...
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    last modified by juanssl-pg
  • Is this an issue? AppDelegate OR UIWindowSceneDelegate methods does not called when app enter split view mode from full screen mode

    When an iPad app's screen change from full screen mode to split view mode no app delegate methods called. applicationWillResignActive and applicationDidBecomeActive does not get called. Same case for UIWindowSceneDele...
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