• tvOS 13.3 push controller bug with swiftUI

    Hi,   You can push a swiftUI view only ONCE. It seems the bug has been fixed since iOS 13.3 b4, but it is still present in the final version on tvOS 13.3   Also, i still have 4 open bugs in feedback assis...
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  • iOS 13 Crash: NSInternalInconsistencyException: request for index path for global index 0 when there are only 0 items in the collection view

    Getting this crash only for tvOS 13 on CollectionView which says   Fatal Exception: NSInternalInconsistencyException request for index path for global index 0 when there are only 0 items in the collection view &...
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    created by ersn2019
  • uicollectionview as a subview not scrolling

    Hey guys,   I have a custom uiview with a uicollectionview (setup from storyboard). At first the collection view is off screen and I move it to view when the user swipe. Now, as far as focus is concerned, ever...
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    created by erlichg
  • Lifecycle of a tvOS 13.2 TopShelf extension?

    So recently I migrated the topshelf extension for my app from the deprecated TVServiceProvider to the new TVContentProvider in 13.0 and onwards.   I finally got it working (not helped by wasting hours figuring o...
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  • I cannot resume URLSessionDownloadTask from didCompleteWithError delegate method ???

    DownloadTask downloads authenticated videos from VIMEO using video urls with request on Background Session. It works well for small size videos but task fails for large HQ videos and I cannot  resume it or help m...
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  • Is it possible to determine the context in which the Focus Engine looks for the next focused item?

    I'm developing a side navigation that pulls out from behind the edge of the screen. The problem is that sometimes the Focus Engine determines the next focused item incorrectly. Instead of selecting the next item in th...
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  • in tvOS13, picture in picture supported or not ?

    For tvOS13, is picture in picture avaialbe via AVPictureInPictureControllerDelegate ?   I came across below link which clearly mentions not avaialbe for tvOS9 or above https://forums.developer.apple.com/message...
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  • Is there a very simple sample application that shows how to program the Siri Remote for motion gestures with tvOS?

    Is there a very simple sample application that shows how to program and visualize the Siri Remote X, Y, Z location for motion gestures with tvOS?  I would like to program the tvOS with the GameController kit to m...
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  • tvOS URL to open Settings > Accounts >  Manage  Subscriptions

    On tvOS is there a supported URL scheme to open the Settings app and specifically to Manage Subscriptions within Accounts?
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  • Control focused index path after fast scrolling

    Hello, Is it a way how we can control what index path will be focused after fast scrolling ends? e.g. User scrolls in 3rd column and when he enter the fast scrolling it should focus item in 3rd column when he ends. ...
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    created by JamesScott
  • Is there anyway to prevent the search keyboard from collapsing?

    `After following the sample code of `UIKitCatalog`, I find that the search keyboard always collapses when you try to focus to the search results while Apple's apps (TV Shows, Movies...) won't do that. I really dislike...
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  • Possible to add content to Apple TV app?

    Is it possible to develop an application that adds content to the Apple TV app?   For example, is it possible to create a video streaming app (i.e. local OTA tuners, etc) and have that content added inside the A...
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    created by sofakng
  • Use legacy and new top shelf extension

    Is there a way to use different application extensions on different OS versions on iOS/tvOS?   My use case is that I want to use the new tvOS 13 top shelf extension but keep using the legacy top shelf extensions...
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    created by _tom_
  • CustomOverlayViewController

    Hello, firstly sorry for my english, my problem is: i want to use collectionview in customoverlayviewcontroller, that is the component of avplayerviewcontroller, but i can't use collectionview vertical scroll because ...
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    created by yabauzer
  • apple tv software update server could not be contacted

    Trying to update to the public version fails with this message. In iTunes, the appletv shows up as expected, but serial number is n/a.
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  • Control for subtitles selection

    I'm looking for control (or somekind template) which is used for displaying subtitles selection in AVPlayer, exactly like on picture below https://i.stack.imgur.com/0OoQo.jpg.   I'd like to use the same control ...
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  • Background Music and Play/Pause Button

    Hi,   I’m currently making a SpriteKit game in tvOS and am using the Play/Pause button on the remote as my games secondary button. The code to make this work is as follows:       ...
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    created by liamb
  • Cannot set UITabBar leadingAccessoryView on tvOS 13

    In the Human Interface Guidelines for tvOS, under "Tab Bar Customization" on this page: https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/tvos/interface-elements/tab-bars/   It states that: In addi...
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  • duplicate symbols error for XCode 11 (11A420a)

    Just installed XCode 11 (11A420a) and started getting duplicate symbol errors for my tvOS application, which never appeared on Xcode 10. I checked, and dont see any cyclic linkage also.   I tried "No Common Bloc...
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  • How to get remote volume buttons to work on airplay(TVOS)?

    Hello, I am setting up a simple test app on TVOS to airplay the audio of a video to a Apple HomePod. The audio plays great but it seem that I cannot control the volume using the TVOS remote. I would assume that would...
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    last modified by DiegoHenriquez-youi