• HMAccessorySetupPayload inits to nil

    Hi there,   using this code:       NSURL *url=[NSURL URLWithString:@"x-hm://00143ZB11VOLT"];     HMAccessorySetupPayload *pl=[[HMAccessorySetupPayload alloc] initWithURL:url]; ...
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    created by OCS1
  • Homekit QR code

    Hi, I'm developing some homekit devices and I want to generate/print some QR codes for this. But what must be inside the QR-code? So I need the structure. I tried for example: home:111-11-111   That doesn't ...
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    last modified by Korstiaan
  • Persist Simulated Accessories between Xcode / iOS Versions

    When creating apps that use HomeKit and HomeKit Accessories, I use the iOS simulator. In order to do that, I use the HomeKit Accessory Simulator, create simulated accessories. Then I launch my app, add that simulated...
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  • Why activation is more than 20 days late

    It took a long time, to activate the developer. And so we delayed raising our application, and we sent several messages and each time the delay was made up to 48 hours, and the activation did not take place.   &#...
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    created by alfanar
  • HomeKit API still missing all new devices

    Starting early 2018, everything that has been announced as added to HomeKit such as HomePod, AppleTVs, Airplay 2 devices, and now TVs have not in fact been added to the actual HomeKit APIs. HMAccessoryCategoryTypes.h ...
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  • HomeKit user's remote permission query

    We are  creating a manufacturer's app.  We want to be able to show the accessories are unavailabe if the user do not have the remote access permission enabled to them.   It seems isAdministrator is av...
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    created by Kopi
  • HomeKit works on xCode iPhone, but not Testflight

    First time poster and new developer...   I'm working on a simple app to see the status of HomeKit devices, additionally it will be able to change the state of many of those devices.   It will not have the ...
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  • EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser breaks when dragged to dismiss on iOS 13

    Working with configuring devices using the EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser form the ExternalAccessories framework, has some issues when run on iOS 13.   The case is:   Call EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBr...
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  • Apple MFi - Homekit Software Authentication (401)

    Hi, We were trying to setup communication with the apple MFi server staging enviorement from .NET core WebAPI. Have followed the steps as per the documentation which state that the license server should be trusted...
  • Domain=HMErrorDomain Code=80 "Missing entitlement for API."

    A similar discussion here: https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/73484#73484   I'm controlling an Ecobee 3 thermostat and a couple of switched outlets with my app (called AirCompare and in the store) using...
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  • Home Control Passcodes & Touch ID

    I choose to physically unlock phone rather than enabling anything to be accessed from lock screen. Is there a reason why every time I go touch id/passcodes section of settings that the setting for home control is alwa...
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  • TV OS can't get HomeKit Homes

    Hello.   I updated by Apple TV to OS 10. I am using the release version of Xcode 8 to build for TV OS 10.   I am able to create an HMHomeManager object. But, it does not return any Homes. The array of Home...
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    last modified by Mind_Vise
  • HMHome addAndSetupAccessoriesWithCompletionHandler: issue

    On iOS 13 Beta attempting to add a HomeKit accessory with HMHome addAndSetupAccessoriesWithCompletionHandler: instantly fails if the accessory is not on the network. After scanning the input code with the camera the...
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    created by MNannini
  • HomeKit Compliance Test Plans

    The requirement mentioned in the document "HomeKit Certification Test case R8.0" is: "Accessories that contains the BLE Lock mechanism service MUST not return the error in the HAT when writing and reading value to th...
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  • HMErrorCodeAccessoryIsBlocked error

    Hey there,   Is anybody can explain me what does this error mean? Documentation says:      HMErrorCodeAccessoryIsBlocked = 61      An error indicating a blocked accesso...
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    created by Digital Stealth
  • I dont have the latest 10.14.3 mojave update. so that i am not able to install xcode in Macbook. Can anyone suggest a solution to solve my problem?

    I dont have the latest 10.14.3 mojave update. so that i am not able to install xcode in Macbook. Can anyone suggest a solution to solve my problem?
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    created by jensonkidangan
  • Home identification

    Hi! Is there any way to identify an home? Name is not good enough since you can share homes with the same names. UniqueIdentifier is not good because it changes from a device to device. Any other ideas please? Than...
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    created by shaharwi
  • Battery Services

    Hello,   When my app attempts to read the battery level or the low power characteristics it always gets an error.  (HMErrorDomain error 12.)   It happens with an Elgato Degree as well as with a Samsu...
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    last modified by TheRealStarone
  • Accessory uniqueidentifier changes

    Does anyone know when a HomeKit accessory's uniqueidentifier changes?  I thought they were constant, but I've noticed that they change.   Thanks, Scott
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    created by TheRealStarone
  • HomeKit Control from Raspberry Pi

    Hi,   I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to control and access HomeKit devices from a Raspberry Pi. I'm not trying to setup a new HomeKit accessory--rather, I'd like to be able to trigger events or create ...
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    last modified by timisplump